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A* TD-4 is a remix of A* Tanks which has 4 number of teams?. All tanks will spawn at the same level, and are split into number of teams? in a way that aims to balance the total score of each team. The team that is leading will have less players spawn on their side, and the team that is falling behind will have more new players spawn on their team.


Before spawning, players will be presented with a panel where they can decide which tank they would like to play with, and another panel where players decide what aspects of the tank they would like to upgrade. There will also be a panel where players decide what they would like to call themselves. Players can choose any tank in the game, from the Tier 1 Tank to the Tier 4 tanks., and players will be given 33 upgrade points, so a tank that spawns will be the same as a Level 45 tank, except they have 0 points. Alternately, players can make their own custom tanks and choose upgrades using the Tank Builder.

The team bases will take up one corner of the board, like in the 4-team Team DM game mode. Players of each team will spawn here. Your team's base is safe from the opposing team, since all bullets from the opposing team can't enter the base. Base Drones will also be present to deal with players that get too close. All features of a usual Team DM game will also be present.

In this game mode, the leaderboard will show the top 10 players, their name and score, and the tank they are using.


The game mode tests both the skills a player has when using the tank, and the player's ability to decide on the best combination of tank and upgrades. Players who make the right decisions will have a much greater chance of being successful in this game mode. Use advice from advance players and the Wiki. Also gaining experience form your own attempts at success in this game will help.

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