He will break everything in his path, including you!. ~ ???_


Song that happens to play when spawned for everyone throughout the server, If the boss'es song get's to 1:25 in the song, then he will start speeding up, and multiplying his Factory drones, to 6 to 16! and sometimes up to 20!


Abombination is a Large Circle Tank, 2.5 More the Size of a Dominator, It spawns in only FFA mode's, Tag Mode, and used to Spawn in Mothership mode, but was removed since the game-mode itself has been deleted, It spawn's in the middle towards the [[[Pentagon Nest]], and will tend to wander aimlessly around the map, until it meets a player!

The Boss has a Circle Body, and seems to only have 1 source of defense, however it has more than one, the side's tend to spin like a Smasher, and if a player hit's it, it could possibly K.O them, depends on how much you hit it, it also spawns Factory Minions, but these Factory Minions are Machine Gunner's, the boss contains 6 Minion's, and will gain more later!


It is as Large as a Dominator, and is Blue in color's, the exact same color a Blue tank is, it has spinner's on the side, and an inside spawner where the minion's can come from, it has a very large cannon in front of it, where it will slowly move and fire very large bullet's that do Pounder damage, It's reload is 0.5 seconds!



The Large Cannon itself, is in the front and tends to become more active during Phase 2, The Cannon does Pounder damage and reloads to 0.5 seconds, making it hard to fight, the best strategy is to fight it with a group, or use a Tri-angle, the boss is very hard, the cannon does not follow the player, yet the bullet is not a bullet shape, it is a mothership type shape when it come's out!


Since the Boss itself is very slow, during Phase 2, it tends to using Grappling Hooks, it will sit out a large line and at the end will be a large spike, the boss itself will then move along this line with the Grappling Hook, when finished the boss will suck the hook right back in it self, it tends to do this more than once!

Tip: When fighting it, try to go from behind, the boss will spit the hook out on Player's, when it hits a player, the player will be stuck, and the boss will move along in grappling action, and will ram the player possibly killing the player, it will also latch against polygons.


The Abombination itself has Minion Spawners on the side of the spike's, that spin, The boss itself can use up to 20 Minion's, It usually tends to 6 orbit it and follow the player until the player backs up far from the boss and it will retreat, however during Phase 2, the Boss will spawn in 16, the other 6 will follow the player until it dies, and if it see's any other players near them, it will follow them as well.Since most would try to lead the minions away, the boss also spawns 6 more when the other 6 are following the other players, during the last phase the boss will stop and move very fast, and will spawn all 20 Minions!

It can have 6 Machine Gun Minions, 6 Runner Minions, 6 Orbiting Minions, and 2 Booster Minions, the boss is designed to be unbeatable, and hopefully it makes it in

Machine Gun Minions

The Boss will spawn in 6 Machine Gun Minions, that usually orbit the Boss along the other Orbiting Minions, when the other 6 are gone, the Machine Gun Minions are exactly the Tank you'd upgrade to, yes, the they are small Machine Gun, The Machine Gun Minions, will usually orbit the Boss while the others are gone, when the boss is in Phase 3 (Final Phase), the Minions will go in Seek and Destroy Mode, where they will act like Arena Closers and will track every player in the game to kill them!


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