"There will be a time where Creativity runs out and you go back. It is all the same pattern. Making something, improving it, making it as meta as possible, and then going back to being serious. It's the same loop you can't escape. This applies to other things as well..."

The Absemitonium is a polygon boss tank added on 3/3/2018. It is based off of the...

Absemitonium features Two Cannons and Four Spawners

Absemitonium can spawn in every Gamemode, excluding Maze.


Absemitonium features a compound body composed of Two basic units, one being pink and the other being purple, each being two Semicircles connected together, connected together in a square pattern by a dark purple circle in the middle. On each full side is a Spawner. On the pink sides, the color for them is black, while for the purple sides, they are colored white. In the chevrons in the unit shapes, a regular colored Cannon is mounted there. In the blank part of the circle are triangles that are the same colors as the Spawners in the unit they are connected to. The triangles inside of Absemitonium spin clockwise; The opposite direction of Absemitonium's spinning.



The Absemitonium features 6,000 health, which is two times the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Absemitonium will drop 60,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Parker Square, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Absemitonium will regenerate 10 health per second if Absemitonium is left alone for 25 seconds. Absemitonium has the body damage of an Alpha Pentagon, making this boss an exemplary rammer. Parker Square also has the movement speed of a Defender. Absemitonium has Auto Spin automatically turned on. Absemitonium rotates counterclockwise.


Each Cannon that Absemitonium wields is basic to understand. In fact, it's so basic, it uses the same stats as a maxed out Basic Tank.
I've waited for so long to do that line.


Each Spawner that Absemitonium wields has the Reload of a maxed out Manager. The Drones spawned by Absemitonium have 35 HP. They have the Body Damage of a Pentagon and the Movement Speed of a regular Crasher. They spawn Two at a time and they stop spawning when the Drone Count of Absemitonium reaches 36 Crashers. The Crashes are the color of the opposite unit from spawn.


  • Absemitonium's design was partly based off of the Beepbox logo; A purple circle with a hole in it.
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