Absorber is a Tier 4 tank that evolves from the Vacuum and an unnamed tank.


Absorber looks like a vacuum but has a Drone spawner with a thin, aesthetic rectangle on the spawner


When you eat certain things they will be your drones until they die

These can be its drones

  • Tanks level 20 or lower
  • Hexagons or heptagons
  • Sentries and nest defenders
  • Destroyer bullets
  • Non swarm drones
  • Projectiles with auto turrets
  • Shot props
  • Missiles


Strong against: tanks that are weak against the vacuum, Snipers and some destroyers at long range, rammers when it has some minions

Weak against: Snipers and Annihilators up close (under certain conditions), Most drone tanks, Tanks with AI drones when up close (under certain conditions)


  • If this tank eats a minion it will be a temporary auto turret 
  • It can have four turrets and five minions
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