The Ace is a tier 4 tank that upgrades at level 45 from either Aviator or Bastion. Firing works like Aviator's firing. Right-click fires, and left-click charges. Auto Fire is now an aim switch. Go see the technical details of Aviator for the firing and movement quirks. It now has 4 guns, increasing DPS as a result, and base Reload is upped. Charge speed multiplier is now 330%.


The body of the Ace is a chevron. On it are 4 grey barrels, two on each wing, with each wing's guns being packed to the ends. These barrels show on top of Ace's body, unlike Aviator's guns.


Not many technical changes are made between Ace and Aviator. Despite Ace's barrels being on top, Ace is able to use the exact same aim switch as Aviator. See this for more details on the technical aspects kept from Aviator. Reload is upped, and Charge Speed Multiplier is now 330%. Bullet Damage is decreased slightly. In addition, you now shoot 4 bullets instead of 2. Overall, DPS is increased significantly, due to improved reload and having 2 extra guns.


Not much to say, but you play as a stronger Aviator. Everything that applies there applies here but with more firepower and more speed behind it.

As/Against the Ace

  • Follow the same strats as Aviator.
  • The Ace is faster than the Aviator, though. Change your plan accordingly.
  • Stay aware of this monstrosity if you are playing as any Aviator branch tank, since it shoots a lot of bullets, which can easily take down even the Enforcer due to sheer DPS. (Mind you, Enforcer is a rammer class, which has to be tanky to do anything at all. That is a frightening prospect that this can quickly KO one of the best rammers in the game.)


  • Really just a better version of Aviator. No special gimmicks or sneaky pebbles.
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