The Acidgun serves as the second subdivision for the Watergun. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Alchemist at Level 45.


The Acidgun is a blue circle-shaped tank with a gray crescent overlapping a gray nozzle. There is also a green circle in the middle of the base.


Once again, this class utilizes liquid projectiles. However, this has the most DPS (damage per second) out of every tank in Watergun's branch. The downside is that it lacks decent rate of fire. When an enemy crosses over some acid on the map, they'll take massive damage over time. Almost comparable to getting hit by a Smasher class.

  • The acid on the map has smaller lasting time than the other classes.
  • Max Health and Liquid Effectiveness is increased, but Reload is decreased.


  • Definitely don't drink this — Upgrade to Acidgun
Definitely don't drink this
Upgrade to Acidgun


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