The Afterburner is a Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Trailblazer. Idea by Diepmon.


The Afterburner has a Machine Gun barrel on the rear like its predecessor, but now the barrel has four long Gunner barrels sticking out of it from underneath that point directly backwards. The lance is also as long as the Rocket’s lance.


With this tank, left click fires the Machine Gun barrel as normal, but right clicking fires the Gunner barrels. Having Auto Fire on turns on both. This tank's special feature is the ability to adjust its trajectory. Pressing "Z" makes the top two Gunner barrels turn 40 degrees to the left of the tank, while the bottom two Gunner barrels turn 40 degrees to the right of the tank. This configuration allows for greater control over turning. Pressing "X" angles the Gunner barrels all to the left of the tank, while "C" does the opposite; it angles them to the right of the tank. The barrels can be angled at 15, 30, 45, or 60 degree increments on both sides. Pressing "V" returns the barrels to the normal configuration again, whether in angled mode or control mode.

The reason why the barrels can aim left and right is to give an option for increased turning power, which is not something the rest of the Lancer branch tanks can exhibit. The control mode allows the tank to have Tri-Angle capabilities to easily steer left and right while producing incredible recoil.


  • I know that's not what an afterburner does in accordance with this tank's special ability, but does it really matter? It's just a name.
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