Agent is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from either Aviator or Navigator at level 45. It can fly, and it can turn invisible. It drops explosives instead of firing bullets, and can only aim downwards. However, these explosives do not affect your team, and only damage enemies. In addition, they can hit Aviator and its upgrades (including other Agents) for about a second before they fall. It takes 2 seconds for Agent bombs to fall. It has more DPS than Aviator but the bullets can be shot out of the air. It has the minimap.



Agent dropping bombs

This tank resembles a simplified Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. Its body is L-shaped, and it has a black trapezoid for a window. A barrel sticks out of the back. Its bombs are blue circles.


Agent goes under many stat changes upon upgrading. Health Regen and Max Health are decreased severely. However, Body Damage is increased, along with Charge Speed and Charge Time. To clarify, the charge speed multiplier went from 300% to 350%, and Charge Time is now 150 seconds from 120 seconds. The cooldown on charging is halved. Bullet Speed and Bullet Penetration are lowered significantly, to the point of being among the worst in those stats in all of EToD. Reload and Bullet Damage are heavily increased. Field of View is also increased. Bombing an area is done with right-click, and charging with left-click. Auto-Fire now works like a normal tank's Auto-Fire at all times instead of using Aviator's firing system. Base Movement Speed is also heavily improved.

Agent can also turn invisible. This only works when flying, and is automatic. It takes 10 seconds to go invisible, and getting hit or ending flight is the only way to turn visible again. Bombs hit a radius of roughly 3 tiles each. Bombs only affect enemies, and can instantly destroy traps.


The Agent is a glass cannon by definition, and has the lowest HP and Regen of anything in the game. This means that most hits will OHKO your tank/plane. However, you are incredibly fast as this tank/plane.

As the Agent

  • Avoid the Tri-Angle branch, since they can spray irritating bullets everywhere. And you have the lowest HP of any tank in the game, with almost non-existent regen. Good luck against that branch.
  • Attack Trapper branch tanks that do not have a secondary ammo type. This will net you tons of points since Traps do not damage tanks from the Aviator branch.
  • Avoid bullet-using tanks with high-reload.
  • Kill drone tanks on sight for easy points, since you are faster than them and their drones.
  • Sneak up on unsuspecting opponents when invisible. This nets you points quickly.
  • Run from other Aviators since you can't aim.

Against the Agent

  • Send your Tri-Angles and your Gunners after them.
  • Get out of the way if you are a Trapper branch tank.
  • Try to send bullets after them, not drones.
  • They could be anywhere, since the Agent can turn invisible and has a shortened charging cooldown. Traps do not even work against the Aviator branch anyways.
  • Shoot where he's going to be, not where he is (unless you are an Aviator branch tank with good bullet speed.)


  • Let's hope that Lancer is not bloated from this as well.
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