How this thing even came into existence is a complete mystery. It seems to have properties of all of the Sons of Panzer... all of them. Perhaps it's another of the mad doctor's failed experiments, or a product of black magic brought into this world by a mystic accident. Everyone despises it, even the Cult. Whatever its origin, there's one thing that's for sure:

It's UGLY.

Of course, that's a matter of opinion.

Aggregate is a very unusual (and horrendous-looking) Gladiator Boss that can spawn in the Arena in a special event as part of The Extended Tale of Diep expansion. Idea by Diepmon.


Oh, come on. You really expect me to describe this thing? Just look at the navbox image.

FINE. I'll do it in Overview.


Aggregate is a jumble of weapons and other nonsense, as his name's dictionary definition suggests. Despite having multiple bodies for his arms, he has only one healthbar. The main body stays in place while everything else turns (main body is the Cyborg's body with all the attachments with the Kingpin's hat.) His overall design is as follows:

The left arm has an Artisan hand tank, a Soldier siren on said hand's Auto Turret, a Titan main body to the left of the hand tank, Strategist lances to the left and right of the Titan trap launcher, a three-barreled Puppetmaster Auto Turret on top of the Titan body, a Mason trapper launcher sticking out of the Titan body drone spawner, a Juggernaut stero attached to said Titan body, an Automaton Auto Turret in between the two stereo speakers, and a Lich spawner on said stereo's side.

The right arm has a Helix body and 4-barrel Machine Gun Auto Turret, a Prince lance on said body, a Tres Geminos body without the eyes connected to the aforementioned body, a Judicator lance on the side with the helmet, a Bureaucrat hammer opposite the Judicator lance, some Torrent clouds shadowing the helmet, and a Wolf tail on the helmet's right side.

The back part has a Furnace weak spot (which is not a weak spot in this instance), an Arrow lance on its right, an Estuary Protector shield on its left, a Trio of Doom barrel setup on the rear, and the Tactician's Gunner barrels beneath said setup.

The main body is a Cyborg body with a Saw shell underneath, a Decimator eye on the Auto Turret, an Octagon eye for a mouth (or third eye,) a Kingpin hat on the body, and a Chimaera sun symbol on said hat.

The barrel setup has an Overmaster spawner, a Keeper barrel setup, a Pentagun barrel setup behind said barrel, a Supplement front barrel sticking out of the Keeper barrel, a Shadow barrel spike sticking out of said Supplement barrel, and a Frigate ball thingy orbiting around it.

Despite looking like a humanoid figure, he's like any other tank. However, the 4 arm segments can move at will while connected to their neighbors.


He usually attacks in a simple pattern like Draconis Rex. Basically, he chases down the largest group of tanks that he can find, spraying traps, bullets, drones, and all kinds of ammunition everywhere. His "arms" go back and forth, swiping and slicing at tanks and anything else that gets too close. He sends drones in random directions, but usually after farther away tanks. Some MELEE weapons occasionally extend out to smash targets, for example, the Wolf tail may become a whip and smack some tanks.

It wouldn't be a Mega Boss if there weren't some special gimmick, would it? Here it is! Sometimes, one or more of his six units will come off him and fight as an individual. It will then gain a separate healthbar of 10,000, separate from the main boss's health and not detracting from it. It will reattach after 2-3.5 minutes or if its health is drained. If it reattaches on the timer, it heals Aggregate with its remaining health. All 5 of Aggregate's units (the Artisan arm, the Titan body with stereo, the Furnace weak spot thing, the Helix body, and the Tres Geminos body) can separate all at once or none at all. They come off in groups, so one or more won't come off if one group of units is already active. However, it is only Aggregate who if killed will end the entire battle. He is much weaker without his units to support him, so distract them (they fight individually, remember that) and get a group to attack him alone! Watch that front barrel setup, though. It can be a real killer.

Apart from that, Aggregate is a relatively simple boss. He just chases you down mindlessly like a Fallen Booster, but switching targets occasionally to the new largest group of tanks and separates himself to fight more efficiently.


  • Would be a really crappy boss were it not for its splitting ability.
  • The image is both ugly and funny at the same time.
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