The Ak40 is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from minigun, it is equipped with 3 machine gun cannons, it is a bullet spamming tank.


Its design features a machine gun in the look of a minigun.


The machine guns fire at large rates making the tank very effective at sweeping tanks and shapes,


Good against rammers, tri-angle tanks, drone tanks (if used correctly) some destroyer tanks

Weak against focus fire tanks, some spammer tanks,

As the Ak40

  • Try to get close to enemies and spray them to do a lot of damage.
  • try to block incoming projectiles with your spray.
  • If you want you can farm shapes as it can do that very easily.
  • Take out drones with your spray so it wont be a problem.

Against the Ak40

  • As a sniper try to keep a distance and surprise attack it.
  • As focus fire tanks try to get at a angle its not firing at.
  • As a drone tank try to move your drones in a surrounding point torwards the ak40 so it can not blast all your drones and so it can not escape.


It was made when attempting to make other tanks look like mini guns.
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