The Amalgamator is a Tier 5 tank that branches off of the Necromancer. It is selectable as an upgrade at Level 60. The Amalgamator possesses any Polygon it touches with its Infectors, allowing the player to control them as Drones. It can also merge them, creating larger, more powerful Drones. ~ Royalbaby


The Amalgamator features a square body with two operative trapezoidal Spawners at its sides that spawn Infectors - small Triangles that infect nearby Polygons. It can infect any Polygon, including Alpha Pentagons.


  • The Amalgamator can control up to 29 Drones at any time. They can be merged or normal.
  • Green Polygons like the Green Square can be merged and infected.
  • Polygons can be merged 4 times at most. Merging a Polygon will increase its health, size, and body damage by the stats of the Polygon being merged with.
  • Infectors can not attack enemy players, but can only infect Polygons.
  • Infecting Drones do not reward the player with XP except when the player has the maximum amount of Drones. Players have to destroy the Polygon in order to infect it.
  • Upon infecting a Polygon, its color will turn slightly darker.
  • Without upgrading Reload (Drone count), there can be a maximum of 15 Drones. Each time the player upgrades it, the capacity will increase by 2, allowing for a total of 29 controllable Drones.
  • Infectors will no longer spawn once there are more than 10 Drones. If the player loses a few so that the current Drone count is fewer than 10, Infectors will begin to spawn once again.
  • When merging Drones, the Drone will be the same shape as the one the player chose to be merged, not the Drone to be merged with.
  • Infectors can be upgraded through upgrading Damage and Speed.
  • The player can only infect two Alpha Pentagons. They can be merged only once.


In terms of controls, the Amalgamator is basically the same as the Overseer, the Overlord, and the Necromancer. Pressing E for Auto Fire causes the Drones to follow the cursor without holding left click or space, while holding right click or shift repels them from the cursor. Leaving the mouse unpressed causes them to gather around the player in a dense cloud and slowly orbit them in a continuous clockwise rotation or automatically attack the nearest Polygons and tanks. To merge Polygons, simply left-click on one Drone and another one.


  • Strong Against: Low DPS tanks, Low RoF (rate of fire) tanks, large groups of tanks with either the above, Drone classes
  • Weak Against: High FoV tanks, the Destroyer branch

As the Amalgamator

  • The basic rule when being an Amalgamator is this: farm. Go to a place with many Polygons, but not to the Pentagon Nest as many other players will be there, and farm. Get as many Drones possible, then go to a safe spot and merge them. It is important to hide in a good spot as tanks with high FoV like the Stalker can easily surprise the player and possibly kill them. Once the player is done creating their Drones, they should then engage in battle.
  • The best place possible for farming is the Pentagon Nest, but it is extremely risky as many other players roam there. If the player wants to survive a farming trip to the Pentagon Nest, they should go with teammates to back them up. Always destroy Pentagons first, merging them when possible, and then slowly work on the Alpha Pentagons. Against one, it is best to let other players whittle down its hitpoints and then try to make the final shot.
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