This is a gamemode where players must fight to reach the top.

Conception by TBOO-Y.


This is a gamemode where you may leave and return at any time. Your progress will not be lost. The gamemode has 12 floors. The 12th floor has a final boss. The others have regular bosses. Every player is on the same team, but two are rarely in the gamemode at the same time, which is why the bosses are not designed for more than one player. Space in each floor is limited.


There is a single boss for each floor.

Floor 1: Warper

Warper is a simple boss. It consists of one purple triangle and one cannon on each side. Warper will teleport around every 10 seconds. 500 HP

Warp: Teleport to a spot every 10 seconds.

Floor 2: Peregrine Tank

The Peregrine Tank is a boss shaped like a brown circle. It has 4 barrels symmetrically aglined on it. One Auto Launcher is on the center. 700 HP

Fly: Will put a target on a spot and dash to it. Attack has 15 second intervals.

Floor 3: Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese is a rectangular, white tank. It has 2 spawners on it’s shorter sides. 650 HP

Neurotoxin: Sends out a green fluid from its spawners. When touched, players will get slowed for 5 seconds before going back to normal.

Drones: Standard attack. Sends 2 drones every 3 seconds.

Floor 4: Conundrum

Conundrum is a square, jade colored tank. It has a trap launcher on all sides and a Streamliner Turret on its top. Traps launch every 7 seconds. 1000 HP

Armor: Becomes invincible for 5 seconds while launching traps. The Turret is temporarily disabled.

Rock: Retracts all weapons, and shakes. Players have 3 seconds to move before Conundrum dashes to where they were, dealing damage enough to kill most players with no Max Health and Body Damage.

Floor 5: Checkmate

Checkmate is a chessboard-like tank. Square, with alternating black and white squares in an 8*8 pattern on it. 1200 HP

Checkmate: Starts to spin. After 5 seconds, it sends a chess king flying in the player’s direction. No matter the Health or Body Damage, it will always deal 1/4 of the tank's health worth of damage if it scores a hit.

Knight’s Move: Moves like a Knight in chess for a while. Occasionally jumps. If Checkmate hits a player, it deals substantial damage.

Floor 6: The Lie

The Lie is a boss shaped like a cake and nothing less on it. 700 HP

Rocket Turret: Only method of attack. Summons a Heavy Turret from the ground that disappears after 5 seconds, giving it one chance to fire. Does this every 6 seconds.

Floor 7: Totem of Death

The Totem of Death is a golden, elliptical boss. It has 3 Auto Launchers on top. 1500 HP

Fate: Summons 3 skulls. These will chase the player for 10 seconds, then shake for 5 seconds. After shaking, they will violently explode. Fate happens every 30 seconds.

Come: When the player’s first damaging hit lands, Totem will launch a barrage of traps. This is to surprise players, but the traps are designed to cripple, not kill (if they were, that would be too overpowered). Thus, the traps can only bring players down to a maximum of 1/4 HP.

Rage: Summons 5 skulls.

Floor 8: Asquenethoth

Asquenethoth is a lime green spike, with one large spike at its front. Only 600 HP, but extremely frustrating to battle, even with multiple players. Asquenethoth does not have attack timing, as attacks are done back to back except for a 7 second break between every 7 attacks. This is a window to damage Asquenethoth.

Multistrike: Pinpoints 6 areas around the battlefield. It will then link them together and quickly dash through all of them.

Fatal: Asquenethoth focuses on a player with its front. The player has one second before Asquenethoth dashes in, leaving a trail of one Annihilator bullet (full bullet damage, speed, and penetration stats) and a few normal bullets (full bullet stats). The Annihilator bullet will explode into slightly larger than normal bullets if it hits the wall or a player.

Linedeath: Turns its large spike into a Chainspike, and attacks players with it for 5 seconds.

Chaos: Teleports everywhere extremely fast at a rate of 5 teleports per second. Each teleport launches 4 normal bullets in random directions. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Kill Strike: Begins to shake and pinpoint a player, and will stop. The player has 3 seconds to get out of the way before Asquenethoth goes blindingly fast toward the player's former position. If this attack hits, it kills, no matter how much health or body damage the player has. Also, to prevent stupid decisions, Asquenethoth cannot take damage when it is launching. But seriously. The player literally has 3 seconds. Get over it.

Floor 9: Zephenstrate

Looks like a big blue trap. 700 HP, but also a hard one to kill. Attacks are done back to back. 4 second window.

Teletrap: Teleports around, leaving traps in its wake for 5 seconds.

Vindicate: Summons 4 large portals. These create lightning and flashes. The lightning can attack in a small radius. If the lightning hits, it does half the players health worth of damage. If the player has 1 HP, it does nothing.

Soul Secrete: Summons a small version of the Wither to harass the player. It has 1 HP.

Floor 10: Evokicus

Evokicus is a unique boss. It relies on summoning help. It is a big red circle, nothing special. However, this may be it's downfall. With 10000HP, it should be a signal that this boss can't be taken down normally. NOTE: If d is normal deflect amount and D is destroyer+ deflect bullet amount, D = d/2. It is rounded down if decimal.

Summon Darkness: Summons 10 Arcx and 5 Dark Knights (absolutely not related to Batman). Arcx have 50HP, Dark Knights have 60. Arcx can shoot dark small portals. They deal 10 damage to the player. However, these can be deflected with player attacks. All deflected attacks go to damage Evokicus, who is immobile in the middle. Whatever does N damage to the player does 10N damage to Evokicus. Dark Knights throw swords. These do 1 damage every tenth of a second they are inside a player. They are homing. When a player hits a sword, the sword will attack and go through Evokicus for a total of three times before attacking the player again. The minions disappear after 5 minutes.

Summon Undead: Summons 4 Invincible Undead Mages. Happens after Summon Darkness with a window of 10 seconds. These Mages shoot fireballs. These deal 20 damage, which means they do 200 damage to their summoner. These must be hit 5 times to deflect them. Each Mage takes turns firing, with 5 seconds between turns. These last for 2 minutes.

Summon Corrupt: Summons 2 Crystal Knights. These are very strong. Every 7 seconds, they fire glowing rainbow balls of energy. These take 7 hits to deflect. They do insta-kill to the player. When hitting Evokicus, it does 800 damage. These Crystal Knights will only last 30 seconds, but there is a lot of opportunity in those seconds to rek Evokicus with tremendous damage.

Summon... Memes?: Alright, this is too stupid. I'm leaving it here.

Floor 11: Iridon

1 HP? What an easy boss! That's until you realize the player practically has 1 HP too, as every single one of the attacks this boss does is insta-kill. This boss is a white Square, with isosceles triangles out of its sides. These are yellow and the triangles are very short. A red circle lies in the middle. The trangles are mirrors and will deflect all attacks.

Charge: Charges at the player, dodging all hits.

Spray: Shoots a ring of 8 Destroyer bullets around it from the red circle.

Mirror: Does as explained before.

Light Ray: Shoots a constant beam from the red circle, which follows the player. Just to be fair, it allows for less than max tank speed.

Floor 12: Amethyst Guardian

The one who holds the Amethyst of Glory, one of the three components needed to enter the light portal. The others are the Topaz of Dexterity from the Topaz Spire and the Emerald of Acuteness from Emerald Castle. The Amethyst Guardian is a powerful opponent with 3 phases. Breaks between attacks last 4 seconds. It looks like an Octo Tank, but four of the barrels are replaced with spikes that are only slightly less long. In the break between attacks it will spin and fire bullets. The Spikes will detach and circle the tank.

Phase 1: 1800/1800 HP

Mirror Beam: Shoots a white beam that bounces across the room. Will dissipate after either hitting a player or bouncing off the wall 5 times.

Dimension Dexterity: Summons 5 portals around the arena. Each will crackle with energy, then shoot lightning. This attack doesn't do much if one is not close to the portal, but get too close and it can do incredible damage. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Summon Help: Two portals will appear, and 3 Topaz Fighters will come out of one. A killable Emerald Sentry will come out of the other. These minions are mentioned in the pages for Topaz Spire and Emerald Castle. Lasts for 30 seconds, or until the minions have been killed, whichever comes first. The Emerald Sentry has 100 HP.

Carpet Bomb: Shakes, then sprays Traps slowly. The spraying lasts for 3 seconds. The traps can be easily avoided. Then, the traps explode into bullets, 4 bullets each. This can be considerably harder to dodge.

Bullet Buster: Spawns a shield from the four cardinal directions, and sends them around. They bounce off walls, and when they hit the player, they will always do 1/5 of the health the player has. If the player has 1 HP, they do nothing. Any bullets or drones or traps launched at them will be deflected in the exact direction it was attacking (because screw physics). The drones will be converted, but the player will spawn another drone to replace the converted one. Bullet Buster lasts for 7 bounces off the wall. Bullets hitting it does not count.

Phase 2: 600/1800 HP

Mirror Beam II: Same as Mirror Beam, but lasts for 10 bounces instead.

All Phase 1 attacks other than Mirror Beam are also used here.

Blinding Light: The Guardian will glow on one half of itself. The player has 5 seconds to escape that part of the arena before the Guardian attacks. The glowing half will then envelope that half of the arena in bright light. If the player can't escape, it does 50 damage.

Crystalline Defense: 3 Amethyst Helpers will spawn. They can launch purple bullets that both do 5 HP damage to the player and also heal the Guardian by 10 HP. They have 20 HP. (Note: 5 of these are spawned in when the Topaz and Emerald Guardians use Summon Help).

Phase 3: 0/1800 HP

Last Stand: The Amethyst Guardian will go through all of its attacks once, in a random order, back to back. After this happens, it glows and explodes in a ring or light. What's left is the Amethyst of Glory.

Corrupted Variant

There is nothing special to this, really.

All Bosses (except Guardian)

2x normal health, 5 stat points extra to bullet damage, 1 stat point extra to bullet speed.

Amethyst Guardian

4x normal health. When defeated, turns to a Broken Dark Amethyst Guardian with 200 HP, after this is beaten, it turns to a Cracked Dark Amethyst Guardian with 200 HP, and after that is dead, it turns to a Destroyed Dark Amethyst Guardian. After this is dead, the Dark Amethyst of Notoriety is left.


  • The entire lore of the gems and the dungeons were created in one night reading before deciding to go sleep.
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