Amoeba is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from either Injector or Smasher at level 45. This tank is covered in slime that can be directed. It has much more HP than either of its predecessors, but it is slower now that it has upgraded.


The Amoeba has a thick layer of status-inflicting slime that inflicts Slowed on enemies. There is also a lance floating in the slime that can be easily moved around with the mouse, that deals damage like a normal lance. The slime is transparent, allowing you to see things stuck in the slime. The middle circle, aka the nucleus, is opaque.


This tank is very unorthodox, even by Injector standards. The main reason for this is that it is coated in slime, and that the lance and the slime can be moved independently. The amoeba CANNOT charge, but the lance can be moved very quickly. The lance deals (BodyDamage*2.5) damage.


The slime will inflict Slowed on anything that touches the slime, and will slowly damage enemies if they are completely engulfed in slime. Slowed will remain for 3 seconds after an enemy touches the slime.

Left-clicking will move the lance using the slime, but this makes it impossible for you to completely detach the lance from the slime. Right-clicking will move the slime, but not the lance. This can reach further than the lance, allowing you to slow enemies from a distance.

If a bullet is in the slime, it will not be slowed down or damaged. Drones, on the other hand, will be slowed down and damaged, and are the only exception to ammunition not being affected by slime.

Your team is immune to your slime, drones included.


This tank gains a huge amount of HP, but loses a lot of its speed in the process. Health regen is slightly boosted. The radius of the slime is, when perfectly still, 2.5x the radius of the "nucleus" a.k.a. the tank itself. The lance speed is (MovementSpeed*2).


Strong Against: Drone classes, slow tanks, Smasher branch

Weak Against: Trapper classes, mobile tanks, Excalibur, and high RoF classes

As the Amoeba

  1. You are one of the best tanks in the game. Abuse this fact by entering pivotal battles and taking a lot of hits.
  2. Your slime allows you to slow down Drone classes with ease, because the main method of attack for drone classes is useless against Amoeba.
  3. Avoid trappers, since you cannot passively damage traps.
  4. More importantly, stay away from all Excaliburs. A good Excalibur can dash past the slime and through the tank itself. The dash will be affected how you expect, but since the dash is instant, it is relatively easy to dash straight through Excaliburs without being able to be easily counterattacked.
  5. Anything that is mobile can be somewhat troublesome, even if Excalibur is Amoeba's greatest counter, because Amoeba is slow.
  6. If something shoots really fast, stay away.

TL;DR: If something spams anything other than drones or is an Excalibur, get away as soon as possible. This is a very tanky class, so abuse that when necessary. Target slow tanks more than fast tanks.

Against the Amoeba

  1. Do not get too close to the Amoeba, since it can slow you down by extending its slime. It is very difficult to escape its slime (unless your name is Excalibur) due to it inflicting Slowed. Entering the slime also drains your health, so stay away from the slime.
  2. Do not send drones after Amoeba, since that simply won't work due to slime affecting drones.
  3. Throw out as many bullets, traps, etc. at the Amoeba. Make sure this doesn't include drones, since that'll do nothing.
  4. Mobility is key in avoiding the slime and the lance.

TL;DR: Spam everything but drones and the Amoeba will die since it can't do anything about bullet spam. Stay away from the slime so that you don't lose health, and make sure that you can move quickly.


Cytofras is a tier 5 tank that is unlocked by being in the Realm of Sassafras during the Lord Sassafras fight as Amoeba. This requires the Hesperian Artifact. Cytofras is on the same team as the Hesperians, and is identical to the Amoeba, with the exception of appearance.


Cytofras is confirmed to be an Easter Egg in the game.


  • A Tank-Eating Cell - Become an Amoeba for the first time.
  • Oof - Kill 5 Amoebas.


  • This is my first tank under the new account.
  • This is for EToD. No, really.
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