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Five Tiers, Five Guns, Five Modes. By land, air, or sea, the Amphibian is prepared for all.

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The Amphibian is a Tier 5 Tank reached at level 75, requiring 100,000 EXP to Upgrade.


The Amphibian has five Cannons of equal length surrounding a circular body, that are placed at different positions in different modes.


Quintuplet Mode

In Quintuplet Mode, all five cannons are clustered at the front, much like the Triplet. This allows for a deadly frontal stream of bullets that will overwhelm nearly anyone one-on-one.

Wake Mode


In Wake Mode, the cannons spread out slightly into a formation similar to the Penta Shot. When backing up, the bullet hailstorm creates a “Wake” like that of a boat cutting through water, which gives this mode its name. This allows for superb crowd control.

Pulse Mode


Pulse mode is designed for surviving a dog-pile, forcing enemies back when they surround you. When switching from Wake to Pulse mode, the cannons swivel outward so that they are all at equidistant points from each other, much like the Auto 5 in appearance, but more like the Octo Tank in functionality.


Dual Mode

Switching form Pulse to Dual will make four of the cannons lock into the Twin Flank formation, while the fifth withdraws into the main body of the tank & transforms into an Auto Turret, effectively mimicking the Auto Flank. This allows for considerable 1v2 or 1v3 capacity.

Haste Mode


When victory is unattainable, Haste Mode is here. Switching from Dual Mode to Haste Mode will turn the four Flank Cannons backward, while the Auto Turret reemerges from the body of the tank to become a stationary, front-facing cannon. In effect this form looks very much like the Booster, and acts exactly the same way, with the four rear cannons pushing the tank forward and the frontal cannon clearing the path of escape.


Upon upgrading, you will enter the mode which corresponds to your tank. For example, Triplets upgrade into the Quintuplet Mode, Penta Shots upgrade into the Wake Mode, Octo Tanks & Auto 5s upgrade into the Pulse Mode, Boosters & Fighters upgrade into the Haste Mode, & the Auto Flank upgrades into the Dual Mode.


Hitting the R button rotates into the next mode. Quintuplet Mode rotates into Wake Mode, Wake Mode rotates into Pulse Mode, Pulse Mode rotates into Dual Mode, Dual Mode rotates into Haste Mode, & Haste Mode finally rotates back to Quintuplet Mode, snapping the four rear cannons back to the frontal position.


Upgrading finally at level 75, additional skill points are attributed every six levels from level 45 to 75, for a maximum of 38 attribute points. Attribute caps are also increased to ten each, much like the Auto Smasher.

Universal Passive Stat Changes

Speed passively increases (to compensate for heaviness), health & health regeneration are slightly buffed, and body damage is passively decreased.

Quintuplet Mode Passive Stat Changes

Upgrading from the Triplet, bullet damage & penetration are passively decreased, while the bullet speed & reload are passively increased.

Wake Mode Passive Stat Changes

Upgrading from the Penta Shot, the bullet damage & penetration are passively decreased, while bullet speed & reload are given a large buff.

Pulse Mode Passive Stat Changes

Upgrading from either the Octo Tank or Auto 5, bullet damage, penetration, & reload are passively increased, while bullet speed is passively decreased.

Dual Mode Passive Stat Changes

Upgrading from the Auto Flank, reload is given a large passive increase, while bullet damage & penetration are given minor passive decreases. Bullet speed is untouched.

Haste Mode Passive Stat Changes

Upgrading from either the Booster or Fighter, Max Speed, reload, & body damage are each given a considerable passive increase, while bullet speed, damage, & penetration are correspondingly decreased.

Credits Gallery

Massive thank-you to everyone who made or is making concept art for this image. I am simply terrible at art, & your help has brought my Concept to life in a way that I never could on my own. Your kindness overwhelms me, & you deserve all the recognition you can get.