Amplifier is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from Auto 3 and may not upgrade any further. Idea by Crackers (Tacocat247)!


The Amplifier features a circular body with four Auto Turrets spaced at 90-degree angles around the tank. These turrets slowly move with the tank whether it’s moving or not, similar to the Auto Smasher, Auto Gunner, Auto Trapper, and Auto 5’s turrets. It also has an embedded auto turret at the top.


The Amplifier has 4 Auto Turrets that are automatic and fire at anything in its view range. The bullets are twice as weak as Flank Guard’s. Turning on Auto Fire will allow you to control the turret closest to your cursor. Each turret has a 120° field of view, meaning only 2 turrets max can fire at a single enemy, and is also why moving your cursor around the tank with Auto Fire on changes which turret you control. Turrets can also be controlled by clicking and holding as usual. Holding Shift or Right Click will make the 1-2 closest turrets point away from the cursor. The turret’s range is slightly greater than the player’s field of vision. The tank spins automatically as well. The only turret you cant control is the one at the top.


  • Strong Against: Auto Tanks, Fast tanks, low DPS Tanks
  • Weak Against: Destroyer classes, Drone Tanks


  • Auto Auto 4 lol
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