The Angular Booster is a boss tank that is a combination of Penta Shot, Triplet, and Tri-Angle.


Just look at it. Anyway, this tank has 11 barrels. Look at the things above.


It has 11 barrels. 5 in front. 6 at the back. It functions like a Tri-Angle, but it has many barrels. It is inspired by my interest in Fighters, Boosters, and Pentashots.

this video is the music for it.


  • Strong against: all tanks except for high DPS tanks
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, bullet spammers, high Body damage tanks

Against the Angular Booster

Like what is said above, use bullet spammers, high DPS tanks, and the like. Avoid its bullets, and avoid getting rammed.


One time, a Booster was wandering around the map, when he encountered two tanks fighting each other. One tank was a Triplet, and the other tank was a Pentashot. He tried to stop the battle by killing one of them. The Booster tried to kill both of them, he killed the Pentashot using the front barrel, and the Triplet by using the hind barrel. After killing them both at the same time, a shock wave sent the Booster flying. After the blast, he realized that he was all of what he killed. He thought to himself that he was the best tank of all diep. He dominated the arena, and he thought to himself, "I am the best tank in the world!" He didn't think that he got corrupted by those two tanks he killed. He lost his mind after dominating the arena. He later became a boss tank, that everyone fears.


  • This tank is made in FTB.
  • This has many beta pics.
  • This is made by AquamarineB.
  • This is 999th page!
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