Anniplex is a boss based off of the annihilator.


Anniplex features a giant square body like the Summoner. On the front is a cannon whose bullets launch annihilator bullets. On the top is a missile launcher that launches heat seeking annihilators. On the sides are auto turrets which resemble Triple Shots; in the middle is an annihilator cannon and 60 degrees away on both sides of both turrets are tera trappers (annihilator+trapper) that are 18% stronger than an annihilator bullet. On the back is a minion spawner that spawns four large Vacuums.


Strong against: Rammers, solo tanks, Motherships, Dominators, Other bosses that are not the Elite Stalker

Weak against: Teams, bases, Elite Stalker, arena closers

What to do

  • Get a team
  • Lead it to a base (in team games)
  • Wait until the Elite Stalker comes
  • Try not to face the minions

What not to do

  • Fight the Vacuum minions on your own
  • Use a close range tank
  • Fight it alone
  • Forget that it's annihilator themed


  • My first boss (see why below)
  • This conception used to be a user page until now
  • When I was renaming it and making it public I accidentally made it a user
  • This tank used to have 56750 health
  • this tank was remade off of memory
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