"First to die, last to win. Last to die, first to win. For it is a time of destruction and disaster; a time of tribulation; a time of weeping, murder, sin, and death; a time where there may only be one survivor."

Apocalypse is a gamemode. A very crazy one to say the least. ~ Royalbaby


The most brief yet accurate summary of the gamemode is this: Apocalypse revolves around very complicated, yet fun gameplay. A more clear but rather biased summary would come from a seasoned Hunger Games fan: Apocalypse is very similar to Catching Fire's 3rd Quarter Quell and takes place in a similar setting as Panem is, post-apocalyptic. The gameplay is similar to that of many of your usual gamemodes. In fact, it's just a combination of everything. The main goal is that of Survival: to be the last one standing. Also, there's a few controllable Dominators found in the Domination gamemode, randomly generated walls like those in the Maze gamemode, and possible teams that can be made. There are also events occuring constantly with the sole purpose of killing players. Once killed, the player may not respawn but has an option to spectate the remaining players. There are, as always, Polygons scattered all over the Arena, with an increased chance of Green Polygons spawning.

Main Concepts

There are many complicated aspects and concepts in Apocalypse, just like playing poker for the very first time. It's really fast-paced and inexperienced beginners will easily get wiped out early in the course of the game. To fare well against other players, one must understand all the concepts before diving into a game.


Teams are a fundamental part of this gamemode. It allows players to team with others, but they still have to kill each other at one point (if they are not all killed by other players or events). Once again, the rule remains: Last one standing wins.

Joining a Team

Random players or friends can join, but there is a 9-player limit on each Team. To join a Team, one can tap on a Leader's name and click a button to request an invitation to the Team. If the Team Leader accepts, a pop-up will appear saying that the player has now joined the Team. The player has the option to leave if they really want to.

Team Colors

Once the player has joined a Team, the default blue color of the tank base will be replaced with a color of the Team Leader's choice. All Team members will have the same color so they can recognize each other. The Team Leader has the option to change the color anytime they want.

The possible Team Colors are:

  • Turquoise
  • Purple
  • Red


Being in a Team brings many advantages. As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one.

  • Full Teams of 9 players bring huge firepower and can therefore quickly whittle down Bosses' hitpoints. This also completely negates their health regeneration.
  • With that being said, the sudden sheer firepower can also decimate and surprise enemy Teams with relatively low-DPS tanks, Teams with little to no members, and unsuspecting Teams.


Disasters are events that randomly occur anywhere in the Arena 10-15 minutes after a server is created, and every 10- 15 minutes after that. Disasters may overlap. Some of them are more common than others. The following is a list of all the possible disasters that may occur:


Tornadoes are the most common, fastest, and the weakest (in terms of damage) out of all possible disasters. A Tornado resembles a large gray circle quadruple the size of a Level 45 Basic Tank’s circular base. When a player gets inside or near a radius of one, they will be sucked inside and can barely move. The Tornado will then constantly inflict low damage and dramatically decrease the player's speed. It normally lasts for 4 minutes.

Taking Advantage of a Tornado

A player getting stuck in a Tornado is a very sweet treat.

  • When a player sees an enemy player stuck in a Tornado, they should immediately start shooting them as the stuck player can barely move for an easy kill.
  • Overseer classes will have no problem dealing with the stuck player as their Drones can easily speed towards the player (without having them move) and kill them.
  • Experienced Rammers will get an easy kill and free points, especially if the player stuck in the Tornado is high-leveled.
Escaping a Tornado

The Tornado, despite it dealing the least damage, is actually the worst disaster for many. It isn't too easy to escape the Tornado because of its massive speed decrease it puts on the stuck player. It also pulls them to the center every few seconds. There may also be another disaster nearby, and when it's inside the Tornado radius, it will get pulled to the center.

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