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The Aqcuirer is one of the Fanon Tier 3 Tanks made by AdiTheConquito333. It upgrades from the Machine Gun or the Flank Guard at Level 30, and upgrades to the Spectrum and the Sprayer at Level 45.


The Aqcuier features a circular body, and has a Machine Gun Cannon, a trapezoid with the longer side being outside, on the front. It also has a Basic Cannon on the back, similar to the Flank Guard's.


The Acquirer basically work like the Machine Gun and the Flank Guard combined, the front Cannon fires with Machine Gun stats and the back Cannon fires with Flank Guard stats. But there is an additional ability to teleport, press E to use the ability. The recharging time is 2 minutes.

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The Spectrum isn't made yet. Pls don't ask me for making it.