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"I had been forced down for far too long, so I took my wings and flew away.."

Aquamarine is a boss tank added on June 15, 2017. It is the boss version of the Quart, a blue green 3/4ths circle shape. This boss may not have that many weapons compared to other bosses, but they are pretty powerful. Those weapons include Three Auto Launchers, and a Spawner at the back.

This boss can spawn in FFA (Free for all), 4 Teams, Maze, and Exploration.


The Aquamarine is a green Quart with a giant spawner at the back, and three launchers at the front, each one in an angled manner.



Like Guardian, Summoner, Kiosk, and a few other bosses, Aquamarine has 3,000 health, and drops 30,000 EXP upon defeating Aquamarine. The EXP gained from Aquamarine brings a tank automatically to level 45 at any level below 45. Aquamarine has slow regeneration, at 5 per second when left alone for 32 seconds, but other aspects make up for this. Like Kiosk, its body damage is of that of a 10/10/10/0 Spike, but unlike Kiosk, its speed varies (Explained in Behavior)

Auto Launchers


Aquamarines Auto Launchers "Launch" Mega Traps. Its stats are the same as a Mega Trapper with maxed out bullet stats, but with Basic Tank reload. While Idle, the 2 side Auto Turrets automatically spin, while the front one consistently shoots. In both idle and attacking states, the Auto Launchers have 360 degree rotation, and like most auto turrets, they move really quickly.


Aquamarine's Spawner spawns Quart Drones. Quart Drones act like the Guardians Crashers, but they are faster and have slightly higher damage. These drones also have a special ability. The two back corners will move to each-other, making a perfect circle. While they are a circle, they move 60% faster. This lasts for 5 seconds. The Aquamarine is able to have 16 of these drones at maximum.


While Aquamarine is idle, the 2 side Auto Turrets automatically spin, while the front one consistently shoots, and the Spawner spawns 16 Quart Drones. When attacking, Aquamarine moves faster, and tries to move away from the tanks attacking it. If there are more than 4 tanks attacking it, the 2 back corners will close, covering the spawner, and it will move 62% faster, until there is no more danger around it. During this time, body damage is raised 30% higher, and it is not able to spawn Quart Drones until the back opens again.


  • Aquamarine's name is based on its color, and its description at the top.
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