The Aquineundo is one of the polygon bosses added on 3/2/2018. It is based off of Aquamarine.. Or rather, is a puppet of the rather well known boss. Aquineundo features a Tri-Trapper Auto Turret and a RPG.


Aquineundo features 3/4ths of a brown circle as a body with a Tri-Trapper Auto Turret mounted onto the front center, and a RPG-like Cannon mounted into the crevace.



The Aquineundo features 6,000 health, which is above the regular health for most bosses. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Aquineundo will drop 50,000 EXP to the player who had defeated them, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Aquineundo will regenerate 5 health per second if Parker Square is left alone for 32 seconds, referencing Aquamarine. Aquineundo has the body damage of Two Times of an Alpha Pentagon, making this boss an exemplary rammer. Aquineundo has the regular movement speed of 6 units per second.

Initially in the boss fight, an Aquamarine lookalike will spawn. However, after losing 1000 HP, something mysterious will happen. All of a sudden, Aquamarine will crack and break off almost like a shell, revealing the inside to be Aquineundo. These two bosses, even though they may seem similar have obvious differences, the largest of them being Aquieundo's Tri-Trapper Auto Turret and the different body color.

Auto Tri-Trapper Turret

The Auto Tri-Trapper Turret features the Reload of an Auto 5 with 6 Reload, the Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage of a Mega Trapper, and the Bullet Speed of the back bullets of a Rocketeer Missile with 5 Bullet Speed.

The Auto Tri-Trapper turret has a few different firing patterns.

  • After coming into form, the Auto Turret will actively seek players. Sometimes however due to its natural deceptive nature, it will fire a short volley of traps (ranging from 5 - 7) at a much greater range
  • After losing over 50% of its health, Aqueineundo's Auto Turret will have a chance to spin rapidly, firing an extremely large amount of traps in a circle to try and make a protective barrier around itself to prevent the player from attacking it.


The RPG wielded by Aquineundo has the Reload of a Skimmer for both the Cannon and the Missile Varieties, the Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration of a Destroyer for the Missile types and the Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration of a Gunner for each of the Bullets fired by the Missile. Bullet Speed is the same as Rocketeer for both Cannon and Missile. Not to mention, it has the spread of the weapon on the RPG tank, so be prepared for hellfire.

Types of Missiles

Each type of missile is fired out of the RPG at random intervals, some being more rare than others.

  • The original Skimmer Missile. Blimp. 35.5%
  • The new Skimmer Missile. Flank Guard. 25%
  • The Rocketeer Missile. Machine Gun. 15%
  • The Sidewinder Missile. Snake. 12.5%
  • The Auto Missile. Basically just a Missile with an Auto Gun. 10%
  • The Swarmer Missile. Protostar. 2%


  • Aquineundo is mostly shades of brown for a reason.
  • When Aquineundo's RPG weapon fires a shot, unlike the Skimmer, Rocketeer, or tanks in the Ejector branch, the entire collection of barrels fire.
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