The Archer is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades at Level 30 from the Swordsman.


The Archer has a circular body which holds (a few pixels away) a Bow. The Bow is a semi-circle that's the same color as the tank's body. It has a has a thin bowstring, which is just a shade darker than the bow. Mounted on the bow is a grey arrow with a small, triangular arrowhead the same color as the tank and bow.


Upon upgrading to the Archer, the player's Sword is replaced with a Bow, mentioned above. This Bow fires fairly slow projectiles, which deal massive damage. It has low reload. The Bow operates just like a normal Cannon, except that while reloading, there is no arrow on the bowstring.


Archer Frame

As the Archer

  • Upgrade Movement Speed to dart in, fire an arrow, and then retreat before you get damaged.
  • Avoid focused-fire tanks like the Triplet and Destroyer. Their heavy firepower can destroy the arrows, giving them a chance to knock the player out.
  • Be careful against Melee tanks. A few misses and the player is very vulnerable, but a few hits and the Melee tank is dead.
  • In general, the Archer is a tank that requires considerable skill to play. An experienced Archer can knock out more powerful tanks than itself, while an inexperienced Archer is highly vulnerable.

Against the Archer

  • Drone classes should be wary of the Archer, for it can cut through swathes of Drones and hit the Overseer.
  • Melee tanks, particularly Boosters, should attack the Archer unless they find it to be skilled.
  • Tanks with high rates of fire should be very aggressive against the Archer, for like the Destroyer, its shots are few and far between, but unlike it, its shots don't absorb many Bullets.
  • Skilled Swordsmen should engage the Archer. With enough move speed, a sword-wielder can chase down an Archer and with enough skill, destroy the Archer's arrows.
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