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Arena Effects are various things that can happen in all gamemodes. Created by Fall Out Wave.

What are arena effects?

Once in a while, when a server opens, a random thing might be present that affects the entire server. If there is an arena effect, then a notification will be sent to players when they (re)spawn.

Example: If the "Squares Galore!" effect is on, then when a player spawns a notification saying "Squares Galore! is active" will be shown. There can only be one arena effect per server.

Some arena effects are purely cosmetic, but most have an actual impact on gameplay.

Current arena effects

Squares Galore! - The spawn rate of Squares is tripled.

Famine - Polygon spawn rate is reduced to 1/4 of the original.

Boss Frenzy! - When a boss is killed, another one immediately spawns.

Drought - Damage is halved.

Strength to the Smashers! - Body damage is tripled.

The appearance of a Square when Aquatic Warfare is active.

Poison Powerhouse: Every 20 seconds, all tanks lose 5% of their max health, but for every 5% health lost, attack damage is increased by 5%. Basically, the lower the health, the higher the damage. Health Regen is enabled.

Aquatic Warfare: Movement Speed and Bullet Speed are halved, and Polygons gain a fish texture and will try to swim away from players.

What happens when Make Diep Great Again is active.

Make Diep Great Again: Maze Walls will randomly appear and disappear within the map. Cannot be active in Maze, for obvious reasons. They also have various images of Donald Trump on them.

L33T M0D3: All text that appears on the screen, besides player names, are all leetspeak. E.G. Twin becomes 7W1N.

Headshot: The further a bullet travels and the higher the bullet speed, the more damage the bullet gets.

More to come! Please suggest more in the talk page.