Armageddon is a server-wide event in The Extended Tale of Diep. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Realm is becoming unstable. Whether this is due to Panzer's influence or other causes is unknown, but it seems that just about everything is trying to destroy the Tanks. From meteorites to a large-scale invasion of the Cult, will the tank empire be able to survive this ferocious onslaught...?

Armageddon happens after the Avatar of Panzer is beaten. Every time that happens, a Titanititan spawn is guaranteed to happen within 3 days. Precisely 24 hours after Titanititan's defeat, a message will be broadcast to everyone in the server: "The Armageddon has begun..."

Phase 1

After the starting message is broadcast, the Squadron of Insanity spawns in their corresponding locations. The fights will be detailed on their individual pages, and usually take a while to complete.. Once they are all beaten, Phase 2 is initiated.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of the members of the Squadron of Insanity releasing their essence into the Realm. Completely random things throughout the Realm will begin to behave extremely aggressively (or at least much more aggressively than usual), from Realm Enemies to bosses to even the casual Polygon. Affected entities will be denoted by a rainbow glow surrounding them. They will attack 200% faster and with 300% damage, and they always have Frenzy. When defeated, they will add to a serverwide counter that says "Insane Entities defeated". When this counter reaches 100000, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3

Once the "Insane Entities defeated" counter hits 100000, it immediately drops to 0, and Phase 3 begins. Meteorites rain down on the Realm, targeting random spots. A meteorite does 5000 damage on impact, and 3000 damage to everything around it. The meteorite rain lasts for 24 hours. Then Phase 4 starts with the quote "The Armageddon will end, but not before you..."

Phase 4!

The REAL Armageddon, Phase 4, consists of EVERY boss possible spawning and launching a full-scale invasion on the Tank Empire. Almost every boss, anyway. They include:

  • All Sons of Panzer, Final Sons, Knights of Panzer and Lesser Sons
  • All Realm Bosses bar Sassafras Supreme
  • All Forgottens
  • All High Prophets bar the Archprophet
  • All Event Bosses bar The Storm of Fragments, The Nightmare of All Polygons, Barryl and Zodiac
  • All Gladiator Bosses bar Dodragon, The Trickster, Kaleidoscope
  • All Elementals
  • All Legendary Bosses bar Archprophet, Polygon Mother, Apostle of Panzer and Dr. Lacus

They will meet up at Desolate Plains, where no one will be able to hurt them. After 30 minutes of prep time for the tanks, all the bosses will begin to move towards Imperium, attacking every tank they see. When they get to Imperium, they will begin to attack it, and it is the players' duty to kill all of them. Once (If?) they do, the Armageddon is over.

Do note that some bosses cannot do what they usually would be able to. Here is a full list of changed bosses:

  • The X-Bow can move.
  • Titanititan starts out fully formed.
  • Frenemy skips Phase 1.
  • Draconis Rex cannot use his bells and will be constantly vulnerable. However, he now has double the usual health.
  • The Multitools all spawn together.
  • The Squadron of Insanity's changes are documented on their own pages.
  • All members of the League of Iron fight at the same time.
  • The Elementals start off with all their attacks usable and are always in their Phase 2 appearance.


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