The Armed soldier is a playable tank that evolves from the Sprayer. This tank has a flamethrower barrel that burns enemies unlucky enough to touch, it’s also armed with an Tactical hunting rifle, and a tactical shotgun. The Armed Soldier can take on many bosses. It’s unlocked at level 55 and it cannot evolve any further.

Weapon name Ammo damage reload time hit speed
Tactical hunting rifle 140 interconnected ten secs 0.15 secs
Tactical shotgun 16 2x tank bullet damage five secs 0.7 secs


The Sprayer’s stats do not change when it becomes an Armed soldier.


  • Strong against: Ramming/melee tanks, most bosses, Smasher-branch tanks, drone wielding tanks, Trapper-branch tanks (if played properly).
  • Weak against: Sniper-branch tanks, Destroyer-branch tanks, and other Armed soldiers.

As the Armed soldier

  • The Armed soldier is similar to a Sprayer, so similar strategies can be used.
  • Because of its high reload, it’s easy to kill rammers and Trappers. You can shoot huge amounts of bullets allowing you to easily take out Smashers, Boosters, and other ramming tanks, if they have high health, then the bullets can help, the armed soldier’s bullets are capable of igniting and burning enemies.
  • The two hand weapons can help if your target is too far away.

Against the armed soldier

  • The hand weapons it has have limited ammo, thus they cannot function without new ammo. Plus, you can only make up to ten ammo packs.
  • Predators can easily wipe out the Armed soldier. So can rangers and other sniper tanks.
  • However, even a Booster can take out an Armed soldier if it has a 3/7/6/4/6/1/0/8 build. Also, attack it from behind if its reloading.



His real name is “Samuel Nakamura.”

He cannot move while reloading. He also cannot use a hand weapon if he’s out of ammo, unless he makes more ammo.

You need at least 200 points to create one pack of ammunition.

One pack of ammo has twenty bullets.

You can only make ten ammo packs in all, if you run out of ammo for your hand weapons, you have to trash them.

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