The Armored Bastion is a Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Bastion. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Tacocat247 and inspiration from Zathsu's Lancer branch.


The Armored Bastion looks almost exactly the same as the Bastion, except there are two slightly smaller spikes on opposite sides of the tank that stick straight out. Those spikes do 40% more body damage that the front spike would deal. The two side spikes are the same size as the Navigator's spike, and the gunner bullets that shoot deal the same damage as its predecessor.


  • Keeps the charging feature of the Lancer.
    • When the Armored Bastion stops charging, four bullets are fired forward. They do more damage that the average bullet because of their small amount and rare usage.
  • The Bastion gets a passive health boost, but no Body Damage boost, when upgraded to.
  • The side spikes are stronger than the front spike


  • Strong Against: Body Damage-based tanks, low DPS tanks, distracted tanks, low level tanks, Machine Gun Branch
  • Weak Against: Spike, high DPS tanks, Trapper branch, Destroyer branch, Area Denial Tanks


  • Idea based on Bastion, and Thruster.
  • Yes, I got permission from Zathus.
  • More info coming soon!
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