"With a forged hull and more destructive shots, the Armored Tank is simply a real juggernaut."
The Armored Tank is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Tank at Level 45. Most of its stats have changes, making it more durable and stronger.


The Armored Tank features a circular body with a hexagonal shell, along with a cannon on front of it. The shell spins manually as the tank also spins manually, unlike the shell from Smasher that automatically spins and from any Dominator that doesn't spin at all.


The Armored tank gains highly increased Max Health, and normal increase on Body Damage, Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage. However, its Bullet Speed and Reload lowered, and its Movement Speed is also decreased largely.

Although it appears to be a Smasher with a cannon, its stats can only be upgraded up to seven times, unlike that of the Auto Smasher.


  • Strong Against: Tanks with low health, slow tanks
  • Weak Against: Sniper classes, tanks with high DPS

The Armored Tank is much like as durable as the Smasher with a single cannon on front of it. However, as it becomes more protected, it suffers a very slow Movement Speed, making it useless when attempting to make a pure rammer-build with it, yet it can survive against non-Smasher class rammers with a maxed-out Max Health and Body Damage.

The Armored Tank is useful against tanks that doesn't accommodate high health, and hitting them with one or more bullets should kill them. However, the user might likely miss if the enemy is fast enough or can predict where would the bullets go.

Using a fast rammer-build is probably a challenging task to do using the Armored Tank. Maximizing its Movement Speed would have it as fast as an Ranger with four stats on Movement Speed. However, it can stop tanks that also have the build, as ramming into the Armored Tank would be such a suicide for them.

Never attempt to fight any Sniper class tank (except Trapper if they don't know how to deal against the tank). Their FoV is much higher, and they can take out an Armored Tank without even getting hurt. Trappers can prevent the Armored Tank from charging them, and the bullets may be useless against the traps.

In team game modes however, an Armored Tank is best accompanied by at least two tanks with different classes. The Armored Tank would serve as a tank that can prevent flanking of enemies.


  • An attempt on upgrading into the Armored Tank would take time to do so, depending on how the player uses its only branch, the Tank.
    • This also makes the Armored Tank a secret class, only able to be used by upgrading from Tank at Level 45, skipping two tiers.
  • Despite appearing to be a Smasher class, it doesn't branch off into it.
  • The Armored Tank could be nicknamed as "Mini Dominator" due to its high health and damage along with its very slow movement, and the hexagonal shell around it.
  • This tank seems to have the most stat-changing upgrade from any tank in the game.
  • It used to have a debuff on Health Regen, but it was removed.
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