"I hope you don't mind, but I really need to sacrifice you to Gandhi."

The Arms-Master is one of the few Mega Bosses in Diep.io added on 11/18/2017, quite a while since the last real Mega Boss. The Arms-Master is a Boss that has an arsenal of weapons, including Literal Knifes, Spawners, and Cannons, making the Arms-Master keep its namesake.

The Arms-Master is implied to be the master of the Mega Bosses, only being able to spawn after each one has been defeated before, and if a player that has pacified all bosses has joined. Thus, Arms-Master is quite powerful.


The Arms-Master by itself, in Phase 3.

The Arms-Master features an Octagonal YELLUH Yellow base as a body, with Red and Barrel Grey knife on a thin barrel that doesn't fire. All in all, the Knifes act like a Lancer, but it inflicts damage to other tanks overtime. These Knifes are on 4 sides. On the other four sides are Spawners with Two Cannons mounted onto them.



The Arms-Master features 80,000 HP, which is above the normal Boss Tank HP Average. The Arms-Master, upon its defeat, will reward the player with 800,000 XP.

The Fight

Phase 1

I hope you don't mind, but I really need to sacrifice you to Gandhi.

The Arms-Master wanders around the server like a Fallen Overlord, firing just like one. The 8 Cannons have the stats of a regular Gunner Trapper. All in all, this is the Inactive phase, where the Arms-Master wanders around the server. The Arms-Master will sometimes lunge at the enemy, like the Lancer.

Phase 2

"Something insane is about to happen..."

Me, IRL.

Time to go to the murder bunker! Its fun down there!

The Arms-Master enters phase two at a surprisingly high marker; 78,000 health. Guns on the Arms-Master can be switched between Cannons, Spawners, Launchers, Deployers, and Pistols. At this point, the Arms-Master's guns detach, and are invincible for the duration of this phase. Knife damage is increased by 5x from before. The Arms-Master can choose to spin at 20x speed if it chooses so. Actually it's RNG. Plus where the guns once where spears will now launch out of.

Phase 3

I call this literal bullet hell!

This is where the insane bit happens. This phase is entered at 60,000 health.A timer for 20 minutes start to kill it, if you don't kill him in time he will explode killing everybody on the map and restarting the entire battle. The detached guns before will multiply amount by 3, and become vulnerable. Their Health is about 2,000. If a detached gun is killed, the Arms-Master will lose 500 health. The knifes from Arms-Master detach They will start chasing tanks and polygons. Left behind from the knives original location are Launchers.The spears will double in size.At the back of each spear is a Launcher and an auto Quad Tank. The spear will now chase players like missiles, and are now larger. When a spear kills an enemy, it splits into 2. The original spears front part will explode, while the handle part is mirrored and auto spins, following the Arms-Master. This also happens if they are left alone for 2 minutes. Split spears can multiply and do the same. On top of the Arms-Master is now an octagonal shaped Spawner that shoots miniature Summoner with Quad Tank Vulcan Auto Turrets mounted on top.

Death Phase

When the Arms Master's hp reaches 0 it will start its death animation. It will create a growing blast field that instant kills you and lasts 5 seconds. It will also start shooting out drones different bullet types spears knives and 3 tridents in random directions.


Joke Trivia

  • Arms-Master was really trying to stop the polygons from summoning the true god. Gandhi. A being not even Crackers-Q could beat.


  • The pun of its name is the term Master at Arms and its vast variety of weapons and attacks.
  • My friend made the design, and we worked together on the battle itself.
    • The quotes are based off of his randomness
  • The Arms-Master might be Russian.

"Its not. Its Spartan."

R. Christian

  • The "Murder Bunker" Arms-Master refers to is a joke between friends. The Murder Bunker is actually a room from my school that was the original, now unused Cafeteria.
  • The "Sacrifice you to Gandhi" is an ironic joke, considering who Gandhi actually was.
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