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The Arrower is a true sniper, it has 8 layered barrels, unlike the Predator's 3. Unlike the Predator, it fires the bullets all at once. The bullets have a large range of damage values, but they have no penetration. The large bullet could shred a pentagon, but can't hit two squares in a row.


The Arrower's barrels go from annihilator to gunner width. while the Predator appears to have then stuck inside each other, the Arrower's are stacked on top.


  • Compared to Predator.
    • Negative penetration.
    • Slightly slower bullet speed.
    • 5 more bullets.
    • Slower.
    • Less recoil.
    • Larger field of view.
    • Fires bullets all at once.


Strong against: Rammers, tanks who have low movement speed or are cornered, drone classes, and tanks who are distracted or busy.

Weak against: Bullet spammers, multiple tanks around it, Assassin and upgrades, Destroyer and upgrades.

As the Arrower

Your bullets are your one and only defense against attack. They are strong, but only if used properly. Your bullets cannot shield against spam, they cannot soak up the weak penetration. They also cannot stop other sniper bullets, they cannot take it. But, they can blindside and scare an opponent. With a build like 3/2/1/3/7/4/6/7, you could dodge their bullets and use your extended FOV to hit them from the side and make them change aim. Do this enough and your opponent will give up and leave.

If attacked by a Smasher or one of its upgrades, excluding landmine shoot immediately. Do not hesitate before firing a second shot, It is better to hit with the first and have the second fly past than to miss the first and die.

If attacked by a Triangle,Fighter, or Booster, fire towards them and run. it is unlikely you will survive this, unless the attacker's bullet speed is low, in which case their bullet wall may be weak enough to shoot through.

If attacked by a Destroyer or upgrades, you must use their slow reload to your advantage. You can reload faster, but not by much. You should back out and pretend to flee. Do not fire while running. The destroyer will likely use it's recoil to catch up. as soon as it spins around and fires, stop, spin around and release a shot. the bullet's combined damages are more than enough to destroy the attacker. If you miss, you cannot get a second shot.

Against the Arrower

Use a triangle to dodge its bullets and take it out with the wall of bullets that accumulate in front of you.

Use a Landmine or Stalker, but not manager, and ambush them.

If you are a crowd control tank and you see an Arrower on the leaderboard, I suggest that you be extra vigilant. The Arrower is very dangerous and can destroy most tanks without focused fire.

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