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"...basically a Destroyer's soul trapped in a Hunter's body..."

The Arsonist is a Tier 4 upgrade from the Hunter and Destroyer. It uses the Aura of Burning as its primary form of attack.


The Arsonist looks similar to the Hunter, but there is a triangle added above the barrels. The corner of the triangle is tucked under the body, so it actually just looks like a trapezium. But it's a triangle. And it doesn't do anything, it's just there for appearance purposes.


The Arsonist is much much more similar to the Hunter rather than the Destroyer. So you need to imagine it ONLY upgrades from the Hunter (for now).

  • Upon upgrading to the Arsonist, your bullet damage lowers to a ridiculous amount. In fact, the Bullet Damage stat actually disappears. It is replaced with Aura Damage, because as it says at the top, the Aura of Burning is its main form of attack. Your bullet penetration increases slightly, but overall, you can't really rely on your bullets anymore. Movement Speed as buffed slightly.

Aura of Burning

  • Now this is the interesting part. You can now imagine that the Destroyer also upgrades to the Arsonist, because the aura it creates does massive damage. Very comparable to the damage a Destroyer will do. In fact, a Destroyer with maxed penetration and x points in damage, will do the same damage as 7 seconds of being in the Aura of Burning with x points in Aura Damage. To balance this, the Aura of Burning isn't as big as your average aura, it's actually so small that even a boss can only just about fit in it.
  • To create an Aura of Burning, all the Arsonist needs to do is hit an opponent (anything except polygons or Crashers or bullets/drones/traps) When you hit an opponent, the aura will spawn around them, forcing them to either move out of it, or die. Dangerous stuff.
  • One important note, even if hitting bullets or drone etc. doesn't spawn an aura, the aura will damage them. So while your opponent is in the Aura of Burning, s/he basically can't shoot any bullets.
  • The aura lasts 10 seconds and is orange in colour. It will only spawn if the opponent is not already in an Aura of Burning.
  • The Arsonist is immune to the Aura of Burning.


  • Strong against: Slow tanks, tanks with low penetration/reload, other Arsonists, Bosses
  • Weak against: Fast tanks, tanks with high penetration/reload, other Arsonists

As the Arsonist

  • The strategy with this tank is very similar to the Hunter because the only difference between the two tanks is it the Arsonist does more damage (because of the aura).
  • The Arsonist is basically a Destroyer's soul trapped in a Hunter's body. Target slow tanks because they won't be able to escape the aura. Target any tanks you would have targeted as a Destroyer.
  • Penetration is key, because your damage is so low. You need to hit your opponent to spawn the aura.
  • Don't pick a fight with another Arsonist, because it's going to be stalemate.
  • Once you hit the opponent, his bullets will be destroyed/weakened even before they leave the aura, so it will be easier for you to hit the tank again. And again.
  • Be good at aiming. Seriously.

Against the Arsonist

  • Don't get hit and you'll be fine.
  • If you do get it though, you need to move out of the aura as quickly as possible, and you must make sure you don't get hit again. And again.
  • Like I said before, if you are an Arsonist, just ignore other Arsonists, they'll probably do the same.


  • The trapezium shaped thing on the Arsonist is actually just a trapezium. I was joking when I said it was a triangle.
  • The Arsonist actually gets a speed buff, which is unusual considering it upgrades from both a sniper and destroyer, both well known for their slow speed.
  • Although the Arsonist is immune to the Aura of Burning, it's bullets aren't.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.