Artillery is a tank made by Tungster24.


Artillery is a tank that upgrades from Overseer. It can be easily confused with the Manager, but it has a small Cannon inside.

When upgraded, the Drone-Bullet's have a slower reload than overseer, roughly being only 2/3's of the Overseer fire rate.


It has one Spawner, and a cannon inside it.

The Artillery's Cannon

The Artillery's Cannon, called "Drone Cannon" is a mix of Drone and Bullet.

The Drone Cannon shoots out Drones, but they don't act like normal drones. Instead they act like bullets, but the player can move the bullets in the direction of their cursor.

TL;DR: The bullets move with normal bullet speed, but their angle is controlled like a drone, but not as directly.


As Artillery

  • Remember, your view is bigger than others.
  • Instead of clicking for shooting, use Auto Fire (E), and turn it off when needed. This makes focusing on aiming easier.
  • Remember, your bullets move with your cursor, try to aim for enemies.
  • When against a rammer, homing your bullets more than the angle of the rammer, to make the bullets hit the rammer in closeups. Or point your cursor.
  • Max reload. Seriously, the fire rate would be otherwise abysmal.
  • Wave your bullets to make dodging confusing.

Against Artillery

  • If the player you are facing is relatively inexperienced with the game:
    • Dodge bullets, and be a bullet spammer or Sniper Tree (Sniper,Assassin,Stalker/Ranger) to aim at the tank.
  • If the player you are facing is experienced with the game:
    • Trying to dodge bullets is harder, but just trying can help confuse the player.
    • Shoot with prediction.

Some Builds

0/3/7/7/7/7/2 : Good one

0/6/7/5/6/7/2 : Bullet-Drone Compromise

1/7/0/5/6/7/7 : Speed and Bullet Compromise (Not really reccomended)

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