"It's a mission, three huntsmen about to pin down the whole group. Mostly fictional in these events."
Assassination is a Game Mode in, where Red players will hunt down Blue players.


At the start of the game, there are three teams. Blue team are the Targets, Red team are the Assassinators, and Purple team are the Non-Targets. The first three players are Assassinators, while the next players are Targets. When new players connect within the middle of the game, they can be either Target or Non-Target, depending on the number of both teams.

The aim of Blue team is to survive and fight off the Red team, which try to hunt them. If a Target has been killed by an Assassinator, upon respawn, it would become a Non-Target. However, if an Assassinator has been killed by a Target, or other entities, such as Polygons, upon respawn, it would still remain as an Assassinator. If a Target has been killed, but not by an Assassinator, it still remain as Target upon respawn.

Non-Targets are Targets who has been already killed by Assassinators. Assassinators may kill them and vice versa, but it would not affect the game longer. Targets can't kill them and vice versa. Hence, Non-Targets can act as nuisance on Assassinators.

A single game last about 15 minutes. Therefore, Assassinators got only 15 minutes to kill all Targets. If they managed to do so, they will win and a message would appear:

However, if there are still some Targets left unkilled, Targets (and Non-Targets) will win with a message:
When any of the teams win, the arena closes, spawning Arena Closers to wipe out all players, and the server restarts.

Bosses can spawn in this game mode, just like any other. However, due to time limit per Assassination game, it is usually that only one can spawn.

Additionally, when the game reaches about 10 minutes, tanks with invisible cannot go fully invisible, like Tag, to prevent almost eternal hiding from Assassinators. XP gaining is tripled, allowing the Targets to prepare faster. The scoreboard will also show how many Targets are left, and the Assassinators with most kills on Targets. Arrows will also point towards the Assassinators for the Targets and Non-Targets, but it will disappear if the Assassinator being pointed is about to see them.

Assassinator Tanks

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All players in Red team use the Assassinator. It is a special tank whose functionality is better compared to Ranger. It has Stage 5 FoV, deals the same damage as a Destroyer with 5 points on Bullet Damage, has better Bullet Penetration, and can scope its vision where it is facing like the Predator.


As Targets

  • Try to be stealthy when attempting to kill an Assassinator.
  • The first 10 minutes of the game allows classes that can become invisible to go fully invisible. This can be useful to temporarily eliminate or hide from the Assassinators.
  • Targets should try teaming up with Non-Targets, and make them lead to the way, so they can alert them when an Assassinator is getting by.

As Assassinators

  • Don't use auto fire when not needed. Assassinators has even slower reload than Annihilator.
  • Assassinators should try grouping up to make hunting Targets much easier.

As Non-Targets

  • Help the Targets to survive against Assassinators.
  • If a player was killed by Assassinators while as a Non-Target, they wouldn't make them lose immediately (although they will still lose XP per death). They may try shooting down or distracting the Assassinators to hinder their task.


  • This game mode is most likely inspired by games where some players act like killers while others are normal people.
  • Despite having different team colors, Targets and Non-Targets can't harm each other.
    • This is because Non-Targets are former Targets already killed by Assassinators.
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