Not to be confused with Assassin, a Tier 3 tank already playable in the game.

The Assassinator is a special tank used in Assassination. All players on Red team on said game mode use this tank.


The Assassinator features a circular body with a barrel longer than Ranger's barrel, overlapped by a trapezoidal base that is overlapped again by a rectangular one. An auto turret without any barrel is on its body.



The Assassinator is much like a buffed Ranger. Compared to it:

  • The Assassinator has Stage 5 FoV (as oppose to Ranger's Stage 4 FoV).
  • It deals the same amount of damage with Destroyer having 2 points in Bullet Damage.
  • It has better Bullet Penetration and Bullet Speed.
  • It can scope its vision to where it is facing, like the Predator.
  • It has slightly slower Reload than Annihilator (even with full stat upgrade).
  • It has slower Movement Speed than Ranger.

As it was being compared to Ranger, it uses a single bullet barrel, but the bullets are significantly deadly if the tank hit by it has low health.

In Assassination, it is a level 60 tank, which makes it having additional three points in its stats. Its default stats are:

  • Health Regen - 2
  • Max Health - 4
  • Body Damage - 0
  • Bullet Speed - 7
  • Bullet Penetration - 7
  • Bullet Damage - 7
  • Reload - 7
  • Movement Speed - 2


The use of Assassinator in its game mode is to be the one who finds and kills Blue players (Targets). Since it was only controlled by Red team, and only three players can be in that team, becoming one is pretty hard to get, unless if the player dies immediately after the arena closes in the game mode.


  • Strong Against: Individual tanks, slow tanks
  • Weak Against: Multiple tanks, skilled Sniper branch tanks, invisible tanks (during first 10 minutes of the game), nearby tanks

One would be powerful enough if they happened to be using the Assassinator. Use its massive FoV and movable scope vision to hunt down enemies. If you can, try to team up with other Assassinators to increase the chance of your survival.

You should be careful enough, however, if you know that there are invisible tanks around. Remember that you have terrible Reload, and that you shouldn't fire bullets anywhere unless you know where the enemies are.

Skilled Rangers or Predators can defeat these tanks, as those tanks could oppose the massive FoV of the Assassinator.


  • This tank was inspired a little bit by the AWP, a powerful sniper rifle in Counter Strike series that can take down almost any player.
  • This tank probably has the lowest Reload among all bullet-firing tanks in the game.
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