"I like how simple it is to be complex, but be smart. It's as if no one pays attention."

Astra is a boss tank added on June 16, 2017. It is the boss version of the Asterisk, a strangely shaped 4 sided polygon. Astra may look like a nest defender, but she can do a lot more than just defend. Astra's weapons include four Streamliner Auto Turrets.

This boss, Astra, can spawn in 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Tag, Maze, and Exploration.


Astra is a cyan Asterisk with an Auto Streamliner Turret and Two Spawners on every side.



Astra has 7,200 HP. Upon being defeated, Astra will drop 72,000 EXP to the player/tank that defeated/destroyed Astra, which brings a player immediately to level 45. Astra's health regeneration is exactly the same as Cotton's, at 60 per second after being alone for 5 seconds, but speed is where it differs. Astra has twice the speed of a Defender, which is pretty slow when you think about it. Astra also has auto spin on.

Auto Streamliner Turrets

Astra's Auto Streamliner Turrets are Astra's main and only weapon. It has 2x the stats of a maxed out bullet build Streamliner. All of the Auto Turrets have 360 degree rotation.


Each or Astra's spawners spawns 8 Asterisks, for 32 in total. Each one deals the damage of a Destroyer Bullet, while having the HP of a Square, and the speed of an XL Crasher.


Astra acts similar while being idle and being attacked/attacking. While idle, Astra mimics the movements of Defender. While attacking/being attacked, Astra's Auto Streamliner Turrets all aim at different targets, all being tanks. If there are less than 4 targets, multiple Auto Streamliner Turrets will aim at the same tank.


  • A friend came up with the name, saying that it fits this tank.
  • Astra can always spawn from Zyngus upon Zyngus' death.
  • Astra has an old and a new design.
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