The Atomic Base II is an AI-controlled boss that appears in Survival mode. When it you win a passage will open up at the border that at the other side has the boss inactive. The room is a slightly bigger version of the Sandbox mode's room. It is inactive when first seen but activates when you shoot it. When it is shot it rotates slowly and turns on the barrels. Every 10 seconds it will turn around. The "lasers" will instantly kill you, no matter how much HP you have. Has a 10% chance of spawning, but only if you have beaten the Atomic Base I 2 times. Ends the game when killed.


It looks like the Atomic Base I but has 23 Barrels instead of 8. It is slightly bigger than its predecessor. It also still looks like an Arena Closer.



The Lasers are different this time because there is only one space open now. They turn around every 10 seconds and takes 1 second to do so. They have been known to cause some players to lag.


Its health pool is bigger (10,000 instead of 8,000) but defense is the same, meaning you can take it down quickly still, but it just takes slightly longer.


It doesn't upgrade your max level anymore because in order to get to it you need to beat the Atomic Base I 2 times, after that it has a 10% chance of appearing instead of the Atomic Base I.


Strong Against: Anything that is too fast

Weak Against: Slow Bullet Spammers

Against the Atomic Base II

  • It is very ideal to go very slow, because if you go too fast you can get hit by the insta-kill lasers.
  • The Streamliner is very effective because it has small bullets that can hit it easier than larger bullets will.


  • This is technically not a separate boss because it just an upgrade.
  • The counter for it turning around only counts when it is being hit.
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