The Atomic Bomber is a Tier 6 tank that is selectable as an upgrade from the Bomber when reaching Level 75. It shoots an enormous Bullet from its equally large Cannon that explodes into 6 Drones after a certain amount of time, which are similar to that of the Overlord.


The Atomic Bomber features a cicular body equipped with an enormous trapezoidal Cannon in its front. It, in fact, is so large that it almost wraps around the entire tank. The Bullet is larger than the tank itself, which causes massive recoil.


Upon upgrading:
  • The Atomic Bomber's recoil is massively increased, which causes it to get pushed back stronger and much more faster.
  • The Reload is nerfed very slightly.
  • The Drone count increases to 6 from 4. Their damage and health are also slightly buffed.
  • The Bullet size has been dramatically increased, which makes it harder to dodge it and also causes a larger explosion.
  • Bullet Speed and Penetration are greatly increased.


  • Strong Against: Large groups of tanks, Overseer branch, Triplets, Penta Shots, tanks with concentrated firepower, melee tanks, Trapper classes
  • Weak Against: Skilled Overlord players, unsuspected rammers, high FoV tanks

As the Atomic Bomber

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