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Auras are a very unique game mechanic in Diep.io, created by SomeCatchyName. They are as big as the coloured section around a Dominator, and have a set duration. Entering an aura gives you the corresponding effect, whether it be more damage, more regeneration, or even less reload, penetration, speed, anything really.

Whenever you have a one-time-use Aura(s) available for use (one time use, so not your natural aura), it (or they) will appear in a list on the right, just like how your upgrade choices appear on the left. Clicking on one of the auras will create the selected one, and that aura will disappear from the list. You can not have more than 4 auras at a time, and you can only have one of each. You lose all your auras upon death.

There are currently 11 Auras.

Non-Natural Auras

Aura of Mourning

Upon death, all Level 45 tanks will leave a dark grey coloured Aura of Mourning at their place of death. The Aura of Mourning has a base duration of 5 seconds, with an extra second being added for every 50 000 points the deceased tank had before dying (max 10 seconds). No bullets can enter an Aura of Mourning, so if you see an empty one, you can use it as a safe zone, even if it only lasts a few seconds.

Aura of Revenge

Whenever you die as a Level 45 tank, you respawn with a one time Aura of Revenge. It increases both your movement speed and reload by 50%. The aura lasts for only 5 seconds, so use it wisely. It is a maroon red in colour.

Aura of Invisibility

The Aura of Invisibility makes all normal player controlled tanks and all polygons partially invisible (as invisible as the invisible tanks used to turn) even if they are moving or firing. Bullets, drones and traps all do not turn invisible. The aura is rarer than the other auras, because it's a more dangerous aura, but at the same time, it often spawns and disappears without being detected at all. It randomly spawns in all game modes, about once every 5 minutes, lasting 1 minute. It has no colour because it is invisible.

Aura of Weakness

The Aura of Weakness decreases your reload and movement speed by about 20-30%, the opposite of the Aura of Revenge. It can be created whenever and wherever an Infected Pentagon is killed, and lasts 10 seconds. It is a dark greenish colour.

Aura of Sickness

The Aura of Sickness decreases your bullet penetration. It can be created whenever and wherever an Infected Pentagon is killed, and lasts 10 seconds. It is a light greenish yellow in colour.

Aura of Treasure

The Aura of Treasure turns any polygons that enter it into Gold Polygons. There are two ways to obtain a one time Aura of Treasure: a) you get one at 100k points and then every 50k points after that, and b) you get one when you destroy a gold pentagon. The aura is a golden yellow in colour, and is most effective in the Pentagon Nest. It lasts for 5 seconds.

Aura of Looting

The Aura of Looting is obtained when you destroy a normal blue Alpha Pentagon. When you are in it, your bullets turn a golden yellow and any points you get from those bullets get doubled. It looks very similar to the Aura of Treasure, and is also popular in the middle. It lasts for 4 seconds.

Tank-Made Auras

Aura of Burning

This aura is exclusive to the Arsonist. Please head over to the Arsonist page for more information.

Aura of Infection

This aura is exclusive to the Witch. Please head over to the Witch page for more information.

Aura of Invisibility (Thief)

This aura is exclusive to the Thief. Please head over to the Thief page for more information.

Aura of Shielding

The Aura of Shielding is an Aura that can only be summoned by the Shield and Protector tanks. It is as big as the other mini auras, such as the Aura of Burning. It isn't very complicated, all it does is block incoming bullets, like a team base. It is basically a mini Aura of Mourning, that only lasts 3 seconds for Shields, and 5 seconds for Protectors. It is the same colour as your colour - blue for you in FFA, red for enemies in FFA, same colour as your team in team modes.

Natural Auras

The three Natural Auras are auras that can be created regularly by Level 45 tanks. They are the auras of Strength, Regeneration and Dominance.

Aura of Strength

The Aura of Strength is created by Evil tanks. It increases bullet and body damage, and it is red in colour.

Aura of Regeneration

The Aura of Regeneration is created by Good tanks. It doubles health regeneration, and is the same peachy colour as the regeneration upgrade bar.

Aura of Dominance

The Aura of Dominance is created by Neutral tanks. It is a combination of the former two auras, but weaker. It is yellow.


  • Auras can stack, but if an area has more than one aura on it, the only colour seen will be the most recent aura created. This can be used to make traps, but it requires a lot of precision and usually isn't worth it.
  • The Aura of Invisibility defies the above rule. Any auras above or below this aura will be invisible, i.e. they will not show.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.