The Auto 6 is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Twin Flank and the Auto 3. It cannot upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


It has three Compound Auto Turrets spaced evenly apart like the Auto 3, one of its predecessors.


First, the basics. This tank has 3 Compound Auto Turrets, which instead of having one barrel, have two barrels that share the same base. They cannot overlap each other, rather each has its own 90 degrees of the circle base. Therefore, each gun has a 70-degree area of vision (overlapping 10 degrees with the next tank upgrade one over.) The player can control them with the mouse, and Auto Fire does what it usually will: make them all fire at the same area. Since the barrels are smaller, their bullets do 20% less damage and penetration but move 15% faster. Without player control, the barrels can swap between Twin mode (two barrels focused like a Twin) or operate independently of each other. So, if two Compound Auto Turrets are within the player's control, the third on the other side of the tank can either chose to pursue one target with double the power or two targets.


  • One of the first tanks I created.


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