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The Auto Demigod is a boss with 6 Auto Turrets and 6 Normal Turrets. The Auto Demigod has a red, circular body. The Auto Demigod takes up 15x15 of grid squares.


The Auto Demigod fires from his normal turrets 6 times every second, and his automatic turrets half as much. The Auto Demigod moves as fast as a Landmine with maximum movement speed. Auto Demigod has 9,500 HP.


The Auto Demigod can be quite easily outran by tanks with turrets on their back or rapid firing tanks facing backwards, such as Booster and Machine Gun with maximum reload. Auto Demigod is relatively weak against bullet spammers and Annihilator sized bullets with about the same damage as Annihilator bullets.


Genuine Lunatic - Defeat the Auto Demigod.

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