The Auto Destroyer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Destroyer. The tank has an Auto Turret on top of it, while still retaining its original Destroyer cannon.


The Auto Destroyer features a circular body with a Destroyer cannon and an auto turret on top of it.


The Auto Destroyer still retains its original cannon, albeit deals slightly lower damage compared to its lower form. The high recoil is still present. The auto turret has the same stats as with the turrets from the other auto tanks. No changes on the stats of the cannon itself occur.


  • Strong Against: Melee tanks, low level Trappers, slow tanks
  • Weak Against: Sniper classes, tanks with high Reload or can fire multiple bullets at once, buffed Destroyer classes

Using the Auto Destroyer is similar to using the Destroyer branch classes. Thus, depending on the player, either a rammer-build type or a glass cannon-build type should work.

The recoil of its large cannon is useful to move from place to place faster. It can also be used to chase down enemy players or to escape from them.

The auto turret can be used to track where could the enemies be in case they aren't in the FoV of the Auto Destroyer. Although it may likely attack Polygons, a faster rotation of the turret while the user is steady may notify that an enemy is coming close. As the enemy attempt to draw nearer, the player could face the Destroyer cannon to fire the deadly bullet.



  • The Auto Destroyer used to have decreased stats on Bullet Speed and Reload, but that was removed.

Special Thanks to (Credits)

  • FredLeon, for providing his art for the tank.
  • Mike18925, for providing another art through Fantasy Tank Builder.
  • Anonymoususer12321, for providing even another art. And recently yet even another art.
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