Auto Flank is a Tier 4 tank that is one of the 3 options that can upgrades from Twin Flank. It may further upgrade into Amphibian. Idea by Ursuul and page adopted by Tacocat247.


The Auto Flank features a circular base with two rectangular turrets on two opposing sides. On the top of the tank is an auto turret.


When upgraded to, its FOV is increased to that of a sniper, and an auto gun is added on top. The auto gun has the FOV of a Ranger. Reload is increased, and bullet speed is increased.


  • Strong Against: Sniper Branch, Gunner Branch, Unsuspecting tanks, Auto Tanks.
  • Weak Against: Assassin Branch, HIgh DPS Tanks.


  • If added, it would be the 1st Twin branch tank with an auto gun.
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