The Auto Guardian is a fanmade Polygon Boss. It spawns at the Pentagon nest and attacks players within its range. As it is a Polygon Boss, it will not be attacked by Base Drones unless provoked.


The Auto Guardian features a yellow Pentagon as its body, with 11 Cannons on the front and an Auto Turret on each side, excluding the front.



The Auto Guardian has 3,000 HP, with 500 Health Regen. it moves at a slow speed of 5. It can detect from a 50 square radius, so be careful. Its Auto Turrets are similar to Auto 5's Turrets, with a slightly higher reload.


  • The Auto Guardian fires at the enemy furthest from it. This makes it a bit easier to kill.
  • It only suffers recoil from its 11 cannons.
  • As it is a Polygon Boss, it will not be targeted by base drones unless provoked. It still takes damage from being in the base.
  • It awards 30,000 experience when destroyed.


Strong against: Most tanks with small FOV, tanks with large FOV, if caught off-guard.

Weak Against: Tanks with large FOV, fast tanks such as the Booster.

Against the Auto Guardian

  • It is recommended to use the Ranger or Predator against the Auto Guardian as the Ranger has a large FOV and can see the Auto Guardian.
  • You can also take risks and use the Booster to shoot at it while moving quickly, though it may not be practical since the Booster is mainly a rammer.
  • If the Auto Guardian looks at you with its 11 cannons, RUN. I repeat, RUN. You will take heavy fire if you don't run from the front cannons.
  • You might be able to use the Manager to hit the Auto Guardian while invisible. This isn't too hard as the Auto Guardian takes a while to react to anything nearby.
  • If its on low health, use something like the Destroyer to finish off the Auto Guardian and take the experience.


  • Its body resembles a Pentagon, but with the yellow NPC color.
  • It takes a bit to react to nearby enemies.
  • Its size is rather small, around that of the Alpha Pentagon.
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