The Auto Minigun is a Tier 5 tank that branches off of the Auto Gunner and is selectable as an upgrade at Level 60. It has 8 Cannons, 4 large and 4 small, and 1 Auto Turret. ~ Royalbaby


The Auto Minigun features a circular body with an Auto Turret on top. It has a total of 8 relatively small Cannons, 6 of which are lined up at one side and the remaining 2 at the other side. At the front, the four side Cannons appear to be twice as thin than the two middle Cannons because they overlap.


Upon upgrading:

  • The Auto Minigun gains 4 more Cannons, two on the front and two on the back.
  • Bullet Penetration is buffed and the Auto Turret's Bullet Speed as well.
  • FoV is slightly nerfed.


As the Auto Minigun

  • The class is exceptionally good at farming because of its exceptionally high firepower.
  • Its Bullets can easily penetrate the Traps from a Trapper, making them easy targets. If the player sees one, they should consider going for them for a free kill unless there is a more important target nearby.
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