The Auto Quad Tank (Real creative I know) is a tier? 4 tank that upgrades from Auto 3 and Quad Tank. It may not upgrade any further. Idea by Tacocat247!


The Auto Quad Tank features a circular base surrounded by four Barrels in a plus shape, designed such that recoil is canceled out because of the position of its Barrels. It also adds an mounted turret at the top of the tank.


Upon upgraded to, it embeds a mounted turret to the top to the tank. Similar to Auto Flank, when upgraded to, its FOV is increased to that of a sniper, and an auto gun is added on top. The auto gun has the FOV of a Ranger. Reload is increased, and bullet speed is increased.


  • Strong Against:Slow Tanks, far away tanks, drone tanks.
  • Weak Against: Fast tanks, high DPS tanks


  • LMAO the creativity lol
  • Based on Quad Tank and Auto Flank
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