The Auto Sawer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Sawer. It gains an uncontrollable auto turret on its body.


The Auto Sawer features a circular body with a saw rod on its front. An auto turret is present on its body.


Upon upgrading, an uncontrollable auto turret has been added on its body, that can rotate freely and attacks any enemy tanks, Polygons or Bosses within its FoV. It also has a slightly decreased Saw Damage.

Note that the upgrades of saw rod and auto turret are 'shared', even the stats table shows upgrades for the saw rod. This means that upgrading Saw Damage also increases Bullet Damage, and therefore with other stats.


The way how this tank work is very similar with the Sawer, save for the additional auto turret. With that, additional power when attacking enemies is noticeable. However, since the turret cannot be controlled, it can fire at anything, and might reveal the tank itself from the enemies. What has problems and what has ease when fighting the predecessor still applies to the Auto Sawer. Smasher tanks, for example, must still be careful not to ram it while its saw is still spinning and directed into them. Triplet and other fast firing tanks can strafe while shooting to it, as its saw will eventually stop spinning and makes it vulnerable.


  • AutoSawer

    Previous design of Auto Sawer's saw rod. Art created by AU12321.

    The Auto Sawer can be considered as an alternative for Auto Smasher.
  • If the stats of its saw rod and auto turret wasn't shared, and a separate upgrade for bullet-related stats are added, there could be over 12 stats that the Auto Sawer could upgrade.
    • However, if this happens, it would require 84 stat points to fully upgrade all stats, and that there can only be a total 33 stat points upon reaching level 45.
    • With this type of stat upgrading, it would become worse than the Auto Smasher. Also, it would require more keyboard shortcuts for upgrading each stat.

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