Not to be confused with Auto 4, an already-removed tank named Auto Tank in-game.
The Auto Tank is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades from Tank. It has a single auto turret that helps it to shoot enemies. The Auto Tank may upgrade further to Auto 3 at level 30, or upon reaching level 45 with this tank, it may further upgrade into Mecha Twin, Mecha Machine, Mecha Sniper, Mecha Flank, Mecha Breaker, Mecha Slimer, Auto Shadow Tank and Auto Trainer.


The Auto Tank features a circular body with a regular barrel on its front, and an auto turret on its body.


The Auto Tank is much like the Tank, but has an auto turret. The auto turret works more like a normal turret from other tanks particularly those which also have only one turret, such as Auto Gunner, Auto Trapper and Auto Gunner. There is no noticeable stat changes from the Tank itself upon upgrading to this class.


  • Strong Against: Lower-leveled up to same-level tanks
  • Weak Against: Tanks with high reload, Overlord, highly upgraded tanks, high-level tanks.

The Auto Tank is best used like a simple Tank. The addition of the auto turret may or may not have an impact to the gameplay itself, although it is best utilized when the Auto Tank is using a build that mainly focuses on strengthening bullet stats. This build is also highly recommended since when reaching higher level enough to upgrade the tank's class, a ramming build is less likely to work.


  • It is one of the only Tier 2 tanks that use auto turret.
  • Unlike most other Tier 2 tanks, the Auto Tank only have one upgrade choice when reaching level 30.
    • Strangely, though, if the player stays as Auto Tank until level 45, eight additional tanks becomes available to be upgraded to. However, all of these are shared from other classes.

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