Not to be confused with any other tank named/called Automaton.

The Automaton is one of the current Tier 4 Upgrade options from the Auto 3 and the Spammer and may not upgrade any further. A Collab between Enigmium and Tacocat247, DO NO STEAL.


The Automaton features a Circular tank body as a base with Four Auto Turrets mounted at the front of the tank in a streamlined fashion.


The tanks Auto Turrets automatically shoot at anything that gives it exp, like any auto tank would. to avoid glitches, when turning around while shooting at a tank or polygon, the gun keeps on shooting. when you stop moving, the auto gun starts to aim again.



EDIT BY JRRRLLNR: Code for Iblob

Fantasy Tank Builder Code

32*circle*#00b2e1[{"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":20,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":30,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":4,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[10,6.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":20,"baselength":55,"length":55,"basereload":30,"reload":0,"basedelay":7.5,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":4,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[10,5.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":20,"baselength":45,"length":45,"basereload":30,"reload":0,"basedelay":15,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":4,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[10,4.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":0,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":20,"baselength":35,"length":35,"basereload":30,"reload":0,"basedelay":22.5,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":4,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[10,3.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}]

How to test tanks in iblob

  1. Copy above code
  2. Go to iblobtouch
  3. Paste code and click "Import Tank"
  4. Enjoy!


As the Automaton

  • Drone tanks will have an extremely hard time against the player, as Auto Turrets will not only aim at the tank, but also the drones, not to mention you can override control, and turn around at will can, and will, disorient foes, or kill them.
    • Very rarely, an Overseer type tank can kill an Automaton by going the back of the tank, but that would mean you would be going against a noobish Automaton.
  • Think of the Automaton as an Semi-Auto Streamliner, or a Semi-Auto Spammer. Because of this attribute, the player can easily kill other Auto Tanks, having more focused fire than the Auto Gunner.
  • Rammers, Excluding camping Landmines, can easily be taken care of by a players automated bullet stream.
  • Penta Shots, Octo Tanks, and other area denial tanks can easily be taken out. Think about it. The player has to make sure most of the guns are aiming at the enemy, and continuously firing.

Against the Automaton

  • Sniping the Automaton from far away is a great way of taking it out. Its auto turrets can not reach the player, but the player can shoot the Automaton from afar. A Ranger could easily be described as the Automatons worst enemy for this reason.
  • Most of the Destroyer branch, or other High Damage Per Second (DPS) tanks can take out an Automaton, but players need to be careful, not careless. Auto Guns can easily sideline your firing, and kill you.


  • My first main image on the wikia happens to be this tank.

This is my 1st tank and my 1st page, along with my very first unique idea.

  • This is basically a Semi-Auto Spammer.
  • The original main image was made, and looked like the main image to the right. My first main image.
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