The Automaton one of the final stages from Triple Shot and Auto 3 and can be selected at level 45.


The tank has a circular base with 3 Cannons similar to the Triple Shot's and one Auto Turret at the back. The tank also has another Auto Turret on it.


Upon upgrading:

  • Bullet penetration is decreased by ~10.5%
  • Max health is decreased by ~21.5%
  • Reload 1.5x greater


  • Strong against: Tanks within a close range, Low DPS tanks, fast-moving tanks, Drone classes
  • Weak against: High DPS tanks, bullet spammers, ramming builds, long-ranged tanks

As the Automaton

  • If max health and bullet speed are high, the tank can have a great amount of defense and the bullets can reach farther than normal.
  • If played correctly, the tank can dominate other tanks, including some Drone classes

Against the Automaton

  • If playing as a ramming build, play strategically to avoid getting hit by its bullets.
  • Playing in groups of Drone classes may help beat this tank.



  • The tank supposedly upgraded from Tri-Angle, yet fit more with Triple Shot.
  • The tank was made by Enigmium, with the help of Fall Out Wave for balancing.
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