The Avenger is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Tapeworm when you have given the host EXP 80 times, the host has given you EXP 80 times, and the host dies. It upgrades into the Lunar-Destroyer at level 45.


The Avenger looks like a Smasher but it has 4 Smasher Shells. It also looks like a Quad Tank but has Streamliner-like Barrels that only have 3 layered instead of 5. It is different from the normal blue, because it is cyan on both screens. It's the only tank that doesn't change color on different screens on FFA. It does change color on Teams and Dominator. On those modes a cyan core is inside the tank.


The Avenger deals 1000 Damage with each bullet and It fires as fast as the Streamliner. It has the same ramming properties of the Smasher, but weakened x2. It also has less health than the Destroyer, making it defenseless if you don't kill them first.


Strong Against: Any low tier tank and a weak Tier 4 tank.

Weak Against: Any high leveled tank and tanks that maxed their speed.

As the Avenger

It isn't invincible. While the attack power is huge, its defense is low, so upgrading its max health is ideal. You should also upgrade its speed because it can be outrun easily.

Against the Avenger

Maxing out your speed it useful because you can outrun it with that. Having bullet penetration and bullet damage is extremely helpful because of its low Health.


  • It was going to be a Tier 4 tank, but became a Tier 3 because of it needing something after it.
  • At one point you couldn't upgrade this because the Tapeworm's system wasn't implemented yet.
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