Aviator is a tier 3 tank that upgrades from Lancer at level 30. It is unique in that it rises a short distance off the ground when charging, avoiding traps. It is low enough to be hit by bullets, however, and when a tank from the Aviator branch is hit, it will lose some height, proportional to the damage dealt.


Aviator looks like a blue circle with two blue right triangles for wings and an isoceles triangle for a lance. The wings have two grey rectangles under them for barrels. It creates transparent, white lines at the tips of the wings. This makes tracking it easier. Aviator is slightly smaller than its other relatives.


The addition of flight makes it so that while you have the same base speed, you have a doubled charge speed of 300%. The charging time is now increased to 120 seconds. Max Health and Regen is massively decreased, but bullet damage is increased along with bullet speed and reload, making it much more threatening in terms of raw DPS than a basic Tank.

Auto Fire is now an aim switch. Aiming works differently for the Aviator branch than other tanks. When Auto Fire is on, you shoot straight ahead like a normal tank. But when Auto Fire is off, you shoot at the point on the ground you click on, and you are locked into one direction. Auto Fire is now Forward Fire, and does not autofire any more. Shooting downwards can only happen while flying. Auto Spin simply does not work, and is automatically turned off. When flying, you will not automatically face the cursor. Instead, you slowly turn towards the cursor at a rate of 5 degrees per second. Guns can be aimed normally, but your movement uses the nerfed aiming. Note that Forward fire aims slightly above grounded tanks when flying, so it will only hit Dominators, flying tanks, and objects tall enough to be hit. Getting hit in midair will knock you down slightly, and deal 2x damage. Downwards fire ignores shields.


This tank has a ton of DPS, and does well on Teams and its variants.

As the Aviator

  • Patrol the Pentagon Nest. You can fly over alpha pentagons and shoot them for EXP, not to mention you can catch enemies by surprise.
  • In Dominators, try to shoot the enemies firing at them, since they're easier to kill. Then you can fire at the Dominators.
  • Attack Trappers because they can't do much about your presence, and because they can provide support for enemy teams (if in TDM.)
  • Stay out of the reach of enemy Aviators.

Against the Aviator

  • Do not fight it as a Trapper or any of its upgrades, since this is a counter to that entire branch.
  • Swarm it with drones or bullets to knock it down and quickly kill it.
  • Body Damage classes can kill it when it is down, though be quick. A Punisher branch tank can do this quickly.
  • Do not bring an Extender or any of its upgrades (outside of Needlenose), since downwards fire can bypass the shield ability.


  • This took longer to make because of me being harassed via spam.
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